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Part 61: Chapter 20A Hard Mode

Chapter 20A: The Most Useless Jailbreak

Welp here we are. 20A is about tied with 19A in my book as the worst Ilia level. We leave the fog of war behind, but pick up the familiar company of siege assholes, status assholes, and very densely packed units we have to blitzkreig through in 25 turns, while getting all the goodies. A lot of what Artix said is true: the battle is won or lost in the first five or so turns.

Dieck is sitting this one out since I need to bring Astol in. I toyed with kicking Ray out instead, but I realized I'd really need his heals.

Enemy stats time! Every fighter on the map has 20 strength, no questions asked.

The Heroes and Mercs are a little less scary by virtue of being well rounded instead of min/maxed.

Fuck these guys: 27 magic status assholes who ate though every resistance stat (except Ellen ) to deliver constant 100% hits. Fuck. These. Guys.

The snipers are actually kinda slow, but they're accurate and hit hard.

Oh, and this guy?

He has an Elysian Whip that is only stealable. Is there any possible way to get a thief to him? ...No. Okay IntSys.

Finally, Roartz. He's quite tanky and hits harder than Kool Aid bursting through a wall, but otherwise he's pathetic.

Let's begin. I'd like to think Roy spent forever getting people into this perfect formation.

I'm going to miss you, super Tate.

This is a running theme this chapter.


This is also a running theme. Though more of the LP than simply this chapter.

Speed is always good. I'll take it, not like she's really hurting.

There are two Mercs who start right to the left of your army, so I send Percy over to mop them up. He's doing about as I'd expect.

I'm with you Fedule, why can't I check weapons just by scrolling over a unit?

Meanwhile the wonder siblings start carving me path. That is until Zeiss is put to sleep. Welp.

Just to point out: these bishops? 27 Resistance. Damn.

In Percy's case, it seems the weapon does in fact make the man. I swear he's useless without a silver lance.

Dammit Astol.

Zeiss may be asleep, but his cat like reflexes let him dodge ballista bolts mid slumber.

A yup.

Percy finally cleans up.

As does Gonzales.

Rutger, Rutger, Rutger and Rutger tell sleep stave guy to fuck right off.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Clarine start doing what they do.

And that would be the other sleep asshole.

Wait wa-

Yeah. Luckily, I was able to get everybody out of range, including Shin who was snoozing in a corner.

Apparently I pushed into the fort too fast, because the AI just stepped it the fuck up.

So here's berserk guy.

Here's his range. Jesus.

I feel like a broken record, but man is Ray underleveled.

I remembered to bring a door key for the B-Team this time!

My reward is murder.

And this.

Yeah, goodbye purge guy.

Gonzales will be our berserk bait.

Yeah, about that bishop resistance.

Unfortunately, God's protection does not extend to getting a spear though the chest.

...Or go for Astol. Fine.

Astol gets healed, Astol opens the door...

And we recruit Yuno, though God knows why.

Oh wow, the AI was smart enough to take away her weapons. That's new.

We'll talk more about this later.

Gonzales punches a hole in the nearby door and starts throwing his axe through it.

Speed? Sure.

At least it's fuckin' over.

Now that they are in no danger of being berserked and thus up shit creek (Ellen's restore staff broke) they close in for the kill.

That was about the closest call I've had yet this playthrough. Saved by 1 HP.

Rutger takes him down, but apparently the sniper took all the luck with him.

Haha, oh wow: since these thieves are non aggresive they can't do anything about being blocked by school girls.

Feel my pain berserk asshole.

Right, nothin' left but us and Roartz.

Well, and the thieves.

That's... actually true. The chapter will end if you're killed. Well, and Roy sits his ass down on that throne of your's.

What follows is lots of missing.

From both sides.

Still Roartz starts to feel his licks.

So does Shin. Oh baby.

It looks like Miledy is just spazing out and thrusting her spear in every direction.

Anyway, a familiar face delivers the final blow.

Now we just have to pick up some treasures, swat a dozen assorted fighters, and call it a day.

I find it interesting that I can't move on to the column spaces. Was this before IS decided to give them a huge avoid buff?

Astol gets to looting.

A thousand fighters decide to try to dogpile the man with a sword, despite Miledy holding a spear right next to Shin.

Gonzales gets a level that's so bad he's afraid to show it.

More speed for the killing machine.

Percy also gets a... well I wouldn't call it a level.

That's it for the goodies.

Let's jam.

Next Time: Level design at its finest.

Yuno: I'd go on a big rant like I usually do, but Artix really hit all the points I would have. Yuno is hands down the worst unit in the game. It's funny too because if she'd come in along with her Husband in Chapter 7, she'd have been an amazing early asset as a flying jeigan. Instead, she makes Dayne look like fucking FE10 Ike. What a joke.