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Part 82: Trial Map 5: A Solo Mission

Despite being a mere tag along in these proceedings, it seems it falls upon me to close out the thread. And really, I could think of no better way than Trial Map 5

Trial Map 5: Roy's Our Boy, One Last Time

"A Solo Mission" is just as it sounds: you only get to use one unit. Choices choices... Maybe Rutger? Or Gonzales? I have plenty of good units that I could-



Hell yes.

Roy's problem isn't really surviving, rather his problem is running out of weapon uses before the chapter ends. He's taking along the Sword of Seals (naturally), the Runesword for some range and healing, and three iron swords as his bread and butter.

Pretty much everybody on this map is an axe user, with the sole exception of a few mercs.

There are also quite a few of them. And they have reinforcements.

But that does not matter at all.

Remember that I pretty much maxed out this Roy. He can't be touched.

Even the Mercs have no luck. I'm not kidding: Roy does not get hit once this entire trial map. Honesty, I don't think he's meant to: this is just a capstone to it all, a straight up procession of lamps to the meatgrinder that is Roy.

So yeah, this screen gets repeated a lot.

This one too.

I think this is the first time in the thread Roy's "ranged sword" sprite has been shown. So there you go.

There are six berserkers sitting on forts in a circle in the center. Once Roy murders them, the forts start spawning reinforcements for ten turns, and as far as I'm aware this will happen no matter when the berserker is killed, so you want these guys dead as early as possible.

Otherwise shit like this happens.

This is after I killed about 15 of them from the previous shot.

I also see this screen so many times it's been burned into my retinas.

Eventually though, the end is in sight.

I remind you he started with three Iron swords all above 35 uses.

Is there any other way to end this?


A rank is 45 turns.

A very big thanks to Artix74 for letting me tag along with him on this adventure.