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Part 57: Chapter 18A Hard Mode

Chapter 18A: Well That was Easy

No really, I blew through this chapter in like 10 minutes. I actually feel a little cheated.

For some reason I dragged Astol's ass out instead of putting Lance back in, but it wasn't that big of a deal.

These Mercs look impressive with their 18 speed, but only having 15 strength along with swords means they don't pack much of a punch.

Even the boss is pretty bad. Yeah he has high magic and resistance, but on the other hand he has no speed, and if you're quick enough to rush him before he runs out of purges, he's a sitting duck. Also I suddenly have an urge to go replay Tales of Symphonia. Wonder why.

Here are Ilia's classic Fliers who are all weighed down by their own weapons. That silver lance brings this guy down to 15 speed, which is easily doublable.

Oh, and there are Wyverns. Whatever.

A lone merc to the north is blocking the path, so I remove him.

Team flier heads east to rescue those villages and wreck some general shit.

Tate takes a bit of a beating since I forgot to remover her javelin but she lives.

Clarine also pulls dodgetank duty.

One village down.

Miledy and Zeiss clean up the rest of the enemy fliers in the area. This pair has a B support, which is why these results are so lopsided.

Also Ellen is is still freaking me out with her killing power. She's One Rounding enemy Mercs. Damn.

Fuckin' Rutger is doing his usual...

That would be a Clarine level, yes.


Really the only dick move in this chapter is all the forest in the way of your advance. My mount heavy army is taking a pretty steep mobility hit.

Even Alan can double these Pegs because of the weapon weight hit they're taking. That's just sad.

The AI berserks him to gain back some shred of pride, I guess. It gets healed off immediately because, in another strange gesture of IntSys kindness, there is only one status asshole in this chapter.

Oh, and despite having to be lower level than Tate/Thany to get here, Shin dominates the flier heavy Ilia. Just wait till we hit the flying bosses

Of course, Shin will have to cooperate with me first.

I am determined to have Gonzales engage in a bizzaro matchup once per chapter.

That's some stellar targeting there, AI.

Berserk guy dies...

And the second ballista guy dies too.

Oh man, this looks a little hairy-

Or not. Yeah Team Flying over here is my collective MVP this map. They just don't give a fuck.

Of course, not wanting to be outdone by them, Rutger uses his boots to go flying ahead of the rest of the army. Not to pat myself on the back too much, but man was this a good idea.

At least some people in this army remember what a good level looks like.

Just to hammer the point home: even killer lance pegs aren't something to bat an eyelash at. Ilia really is the easy mode route.

That bandit is getting pretty close, but Tate should be able to head him off.

Oh, is this happening? Okay.

This is the AI's first move on enemy phase. Clear evidence that it's not just the player that forgets to check the enemy weapons.

"It is because you are a fool, Martel. Cruxis has accepted Collete Roy as the Chosen."

He picks the worst possible target aside from Ellen. Rutger dodges in style.


Oh, and just because I love beating a dead horse: Fuck you IS.

Shin also ups his sword rank. If I can get him up to killer weapons, I will be happy.

Also, the AI employing its usual intelligence.

Final village.

FOR THE LO-... wait, Magic?!

So the plan is to have Tate hit once or twice, get rescued by Alan, then let Rutger finish Martel off.

Or that would have been the plan, had Tate not connected all four hits and taken him down in one turn. Okay them.

"Long love Lord Yggdrasil Zephiel, Glory to the coming age of Half-Elves Bern!"

I'll admit, Tate here is really tempting me to keep this file. Having great fliers is always welcome. If only Zeiss wasn't so bad...

Okay, I'm getting the fuck out of here before I suffer a backlash of bad luck.

Next Time: IntSys fires whoever designed the last two levels, and brings in their Sacae Team to fix things.