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by Blastinus

Part 19

There's gotta be a better way to phrase that.

: Clear skies, the sun shining down upon us... how glorious.

: How can you enjoy the sun when your eyes are only half-open?

: Ha! But we are all alive, I am but joyous of our fortune.

: ...Whatever. You enjoy the skies. If you're attacked by some Devisio ambusher, don't expect any help.

: Sure, Sir Grim. Kevin, how long do ya' think we'll need to get to Yulia?

: Ah... See, Kelik, today is wonderful! Kevin agrees!

: Sure, sure... Let's smell the flowers... And be idiots...

: Come now, must you call me that on a daily basis? Well, Perry's Castle is just up ahead. Perhaps we should contact Count Perry himself?

Anakin is so unlike your typical FE protagonist. I don't know quite what to think about him. How many protagonists do you know of who would actually do the "skipping through the meadows" thing?

Uh...hello, not-Erik.

: An unknown group has been found approaching. They are all armed, milord.

: What? Do you have any more information on them, soldier?

: There is speculation that the group may be the remains of Solum's Rebellion... But considering their leader has been captured...

: Any other news to report?

: No, sir.

: Very well...

: Milord... your orders?

: I want our soldiers ready to fight at a moment's notice. Take your leave.

We heard about Count Perry back in Siegfried's story. Along with Pellenore, he was the other Count who cast his lot with Magnus during the invasion of the land.

You'd think that the red coloration would be a clue that something's amiss.

: Ah ha, Anakin!

: It has been a while.

: Yes, Anakin, quite some time. You were trying to pass through my territory a month ago... That is, if I recall correctly. What brings you through again?

: I must venture to Yulia again on an errand. Passing through Devisio is the fastest route. I wish no trouble for you, but may we pass through, Count?

: Of course, my friend! But you look so tired... why don't you all stay in my castle for the night--I insist on it!

: How gracious! Thank you, Count Perry. We're all quite tired... a short stay would be great.

: Quite good! Come, and I shall escort you myself!

: Just look at his eyes..

: Kelik, Count Perry is a good man. He has just invited us to his castle. Don't spoil his kindness.]

That bracket isn't a typo on my part, by the way. I'm guessing that Blazer just forgot to remove that.

: Think about this, Anakin. We're getting deeper into the heart of Valencia, where Magnus's influence is much greater than normal... If Count Perry is here, unharmed, that means he's ceded to the will of Magnus. There's no way he'd risk helping an enemy of Magnus like us.

: Not at all... I'm going to take a quick walk though, before the sun sets. Excuse me...

I actually kind of like this sequence. It's pretty clear, since we know Kelik enough, that he's got something going on, but it's convincing enough that Perry wouldn't quite suspect anything.

: Anakin... come, hurry. Heat must be so terrible in armor.

: Count Perry? Huh... I'm not wearing armor. Or at least I don't remember-

: An... an arrow. Where did this come from...

Double reveal!

: Damn!

: Count Perry, what are you trying to do? What's the meaning of this?!

: Haha... You're a fool, Anakin. If not for that meddling mercenary, I would've...

: You... have you no honor?!

: Honor? "The City of Lies" is more than just a title, I'm afraid... But consider this your formal welcome to Devisio, Anakin.

Seriously, Devisio is apparently called "The City of Lies." Not sure why it got that title, but Anakin should have guessed something.

: Bastard!

: Men, deploy! Hahahaha! I'll do what Count Pellenore couldn't and finish off you worms! Just try and best my storm of riders, Anakin!

That's umm...a lot of cavaliers. Well then.

: Kelik, how are we to get to everyone else? Devisian knights are blocking the way!

: We'll just have to fend for ourselves until we can rejoin. I'll take the front for now, so back me up, Anakin!

: No! I'm not going to let you die. We have to go back!

: ...You honestly believe I'm going to roll over and die?

: Be a little rational! There are way too many to handle!

Eh. We could probably have taken them, but then we'd miss out on:

: ...You're right. Anakin, I'll do something about this, but you have to sneak by the cavalry and go somewhere else, somewhere far! If it's just you, you can get by alone. Leave me here! I'll grab their attention!

: Do what? What are you talking about?

: Just move anywhere but here! Don't question it!

: What... ah! Fine! You better have a plan!

Oh, boy, does he ever.

: How much weight... can you handle? Can you withstand the spirit of one who's life has passed? The weight of the burden of that death? Weak souls succumb quickly to a strong spirit... Strong ether is like a toxin to those whose bodies and minds are unfamiliar with such overwhelming power...

Why yes, that WAS a dramatic speech followed by a super move. I'm surprised that Blazer didn't also throw a flashback in there.

: I used... an etherium... But it seems I'm... still not able to... handle it... myself... Nevermind that... There's going to be... more of them... soon... Prepare everyone for battle.

To Blazer's credit, he does a decent job of justifying why you can't just pull that on every group of enemies you come across. But on the other hand, Kelik's going to be up and about, fighting alongside everyone else. If using that had knocked Kelik out of the fight entirely, I think it'd be more believable as a desperation attack that you shouldn't use too often.

Why yes, I am creating a story reason to remove one of the most powerful party members from a fight. It's not like there isn't a precedent for it, as we'll see later.

So we go to the prep screen and hello, who's this?

Don't know. Look at this person instead.

: Excuse me for interrupting...I am Hortensia, a fortune-teller. I live a humble life sharing my glimpses of the future...Of course, nothing is free, but you may speak to me for auguries before you engage the enemy...They might just give you the advantage you need to defeat your enemies in battle, hororo...

Get it? It's like how Zekiel's laugh started with a Ze. Anyway, Not-Grandmother here will do the normal fortune teller thing if we want to. Don't know if it's worth it, since I'll be showing off the specific schticks of the chapters anyway, but I could if you guys are up for it.

Also, don't pay any attention to that other guy. I suspect that Blazer just made a mistake there, since he won't show up for a bit.

Map time! This map's rather small in size, but we'll be going slowly, since cavaliers will be constantly pouring out of the forts on either side of Perry.

It should be noted that Perry will move on his own volition if people get in close, and that can be dangerous. The man's solid everywhere, even capable of doubling some of our troops, so we'll want to tread lightly around the left side of the map.

: With a little help, this bridge here might be good for a chokepoint. They seem stupid enough to charge us.

With that, Tekun joins the party, but we're not through yet.

: A battle... I see... I must apologize for all the trouble I've caused lately. I was supposed to pass here to meet Ben in Yulia, but now look. Devisian soldiers are attacking this village thanks to me.

: No no, do not worry. We've had to fight off bandits before, so soldiers can't be any much stronger. None of us enjoy Count Perry's reign, so if this is opposition... Consider us glad to be doing it.

: Still... I'll try to go soon. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.

: Of course. We all wish for your safety.

That's a new potential recruit who mentions another person we'll recruit later. We'll have to address that ASAP.

Player Phase:

Enemy Phase:

Tekun may not have the ridiculous speed and skill of Logan, but he compensates by actually having other stats. Plus, he and the other two Legend Mercenaries make a great support trio together. I have nothing bad to say about him. Well, I have one thing, but we'll see that shortly.

Not much to say about the enemy weapon loudout, except for this guy. Think of this as the lance equivalent of the chainsaw. Low power, but insane crit rate, aka useless.

Hortensia would have warned us about this, but the Devisian army is predominantly high skill. That means that they'll probably hit, and they could crit too.

Too bad that they're hilariously weak.

Hortensia would have also told us to bring Kelik and Althares in order to talk to Tekun, but we were going to bring them anyway.

: Yo. Althares.

: Is that all you have to say?

: Pretty much.

: ...Oh well...

: What is it?

: Remember how I borrowed your member card a long time ago? Well, here it is. I almost forgot about it.

: Heheh, thanks. Watch my back, will you?

: Yeah, sure...Wait, watch HIS back?

Like I said last chapter, Blazer was trying to trick you into buying a Member Card, when you can just get one for free.

: Tekun! You did well.

: It was nothing. Killing people is simple.

: I suppose...

: I'm surprised that Anakin didn't see that coming. You could tell Perry's dishonesty straight from his eyes.

: I told him that, but he thinks I'm just being ridiculous.

: I see...

Also, Erik just looks like that all the time, so how would he even be able to tell?

: How'd everything go with you?

: I didn't have any luck.

: I'm sorry...

: Don't be.

: I can't help it. Vengeance is a grim matter.

: You saw them for yourself, didn't you, Tekun? There were far too many for us to take down with swords alone.

: Kelik, you're shortening your lifespan! Take it more seriously! Kain didn't sacrifice his life so you could end yours quicker!

: I know, I know! Don't remind me! Don't remind me...about Kain...

: ...I'm sorry. I'm not trying to coach you... but don't hurt yourself over someone like Anakin. The essence of Kain's life is in that necklace... And his ether is so powerful it can knock people unconscious... but you're sacrificing your own life force just to use it. If you do that, who will lead the Legend Mercenaries? And didn't you promise Kain you'd live your life without regrets?

Take know what, just keep the bottle on standby when it comes to Kelik.

: ...You're right. I'm sorry. I can't be taking this so lightly. This is Kain's life. I promise I won't use this until I face my brother. Then, together... Kain and I will get our vengeance.

: Good. That's what I wanted to hear, Kelik. Now let's get back to the battle. We've been talking way too long.

No kidding.

By having the two of them talk, we get a Secret. There are seven of these in total, and while they don't do anything right now, Blazer's mentioned on FEShrine that he plans on having a special bonus for people who collect them all. Naturally, we'll be doing that for the purpose of the LP anyway.

Each of these Secrets also comes with a pithy saying, but otherwise, they do nothing but take up inventory space. The supply caravan can't come soon enough.

Look at this. Even going for effective damage, these cavaliers are pitiful.

More charging! Ah yeah!

Dude, you can't even muster a threatening amount of damage against Ace? That's just sad.

In order for Lirin and Karina to dominate the skies, I'd like to eliminate these archers early.

Speaking of Lirin, she's off on a recruiting run.

: Trying to get to Yulia as well? Please, allow me to join your group. I'm looking for someone, and I must get to Yulia! Naturally, I will offer assistance with my staves in compensation. I truly appreciate this...

At last! Our first promotion item of this act! And it comes with a healer too. She's a bit low on magic for her level, but she'll catch up. More importantly, she's got rocket engines strapped to her horse, and that's good when you can't fight back.

I thought they were supposed to be the crit-happy ones.

Gotta say, man, that skill growth is holding you back.

Ooh, poisoned lance to the crotch! That's gonna sting.

For every turn of this fight, the forts have been spewing out cavaliers. I don't really know when it stops, but it was still going when the fight was over.

Fine with me. Just means that we can level our dudes.

So as I mentioned, there's one aspect of Tekun that I'm not too fond of:

And it's this nonsense. While I appreciate Blazer's attempts at making custom animations, they all look just a little off and rather jerky.

The poison crotch sniper meets his end as we slowly make our way towards Perry.

I've got a bit of a problem with Lirin right now. Specifically, her constitution makes it so she can't double too many enemy types without using a Slim Lance which we don't have. It's rather discouraging.

Still, she can double soldiers, but that's not saying much. Soldiers are so expendable it's hilarious.

I mean, Itsuke can double these guys, and he's...

Well, okay, that speed's decent for this part of the game, but he's not getting more at this rate.

Much as I'd love to just stick around and farm cavaliers all day, we've got to get a move on.

Not to say that we can't get some painfully bad levels first.

Way to conveniently sidestep your most troublesome stat.

As I said, Perry's a real go-getter. Watch him go-get this guy.

Sorry, I'm fasting.

Perry's pretty fast and tough, but we can wear him down.

With three magicians and an archer, we can easily give him the business.

An adequate defense growth on a mage is always welcome.

And Asch can seal the deal.

Like that would have really happened.

That may seem like an okay level, but bear in mind that two of those growths were 100% guaranteed. Still, extra strength never hurt anybody.

Ooh! Eduardo's gonna love this.

Nothing left for it but cleanup.

: Hmph! See how big this sword is? A blade wrought from refined iron, it's awfully heavy... But it's also a bit stronger than your average sword as well. You can have this one, if you want to.

Handy for our high constitution sword fighters.

Maybe I should have Anakin actually try fighting more often. He's lagging behind everyone else in terms of levels.

Not much to the shops, though they are selling Steel weaponry now.

Of note, the cavaliers will keep coming, even though Perry's gone.

Still, we've got them to the wall now.


More damage! More!

And as we close off on this chapter...

Lirin does something to address her speed problem.

I want you to pay attention to Perry's map sprite here. Close attention.

: First Pellenore, now Perry. Why do you people choose wealth and power over peace and prosperity? Who put you on this path? What made you do this?

: You bastards... how dare you take me prisoner...

: You fought out of your own accord. Bear the consequences. You should be happy that we have no reason to kill you. Many better people have lost battles and lost their lives because of it.

: Perry... why did you do this? I can't believe...

: I won't die like this...this is a mockery... I...

: He's not acting right. He keeps on muttering... It's like he can't even hear what we're saying to him...

I only noticed this when I looked at this scene frame by frame, but Perry's map sprite actually does draw a little sword here.

For all the good it does him.

: Shut it Anakin! Shut the hell up!

: ......

: Don't scold me for killing him when he's an inch away from killing you! Or should I let you get stabbed to death?!

: ......

: You're just a bit too trusting, Anakin. You trusted Perry, and you got nothing in return. Some day your trust will end up getting you killed. If you don't care about that, then next time I won't save you... I won't sacrifice someone else's life just so I can save yours... But otherwise... open your damn eyes, and take a look at reality! Anakin! Look at Perry! This is death! And this... is life!

As much as I dislike Kelik, the conflict between idealism and cynicism that he shares with Anakin is actually rather interesting. Both of them are right, but they've both got problems too. It's pretty well-done, all things considering.

: Are you Anakin?

: Oh, yes. You are?

: I am Daren, Devisio's steward. Count Perry has fallen today...

: I am sorry, Sir Daren. Perry attacked us first, we acted in self-defense.

: Yes, and I trust you. But with the death of Count Perry, what shall we of Devisio do?

: You must bury Count Perry first. The throne of Devisio... if there is no able heir, then... I suggest the closest relative remain in charge.

: Perry has a son also named Parin, but he is far too young...

: I see... If you will, it'd be best that you, Sir Daren, handle Devisio in conjunction with its villages, until Count Perry's son grows up to be able to do so on his own.

: Though ultimately, I think it is Magnus that is creating strife around Solum...

: I agree, as do the people of Devisio. Don't apologize...

: That is comforting to know. Thank you, Sir Daren. May Devisio flourish in the days to come.

As much as Anakin is portrayed as a bit too trusting, he's not moronic or foolish. And actually, as much as I riff on Kelik, he's got some positive points too. They're both honestly kind of fun characters, certainly more so than the father-son positive reinforcement duo.

Next Time: We get back some old, dear friends. That's right! The Emblem weapons are returning!


Class: Myrmidon
Weapon Ranks: C in swords
Affinity: Wind

HP: 24 (75%) Lck: 5 (40%)
Str: 10 (50%) Def: 6 (35%)
Skl: 12 (55%) Res: 1 (30%)
Spd: 15 (55%) Con: 9

Blazer's preference for swordfighters leaks through once more, as Tekun starts out with absurdly good stats for his level. The right column has decent growths, and boy is he going to be a strong attacker with a lot of crit potential, especially once I get him supported with Althares and Kelik. Tekun is wonderful, hands down.

Class: Troubadour
Weapon Ranks: C in staves
Affinity: Dark

HP: 26 (55%) Lck: 2 (35%)
Mag: 6 (50%) Def: 10 (20%)
Skl: 6 (40%) Res: 12 (35%)
Spd: 10 (80%) Con: 6

I don't get what Emma's supposed to be. She starts at Level 10 with a magic base that's more appropriate for Level 5 or 6 and a defense that's just bizarre for that growth. If there ever was a character more clearly shackled to staves, it'd probably be her, since she's going to have a hard time catching up to any of our other magicians. Even Anakin, I imagine, would be able to outgrow her in magic, and that's saying something. At least with staff experience, she won't have a hard time getting levels.