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Fire Emblem: The Last Promise

by Blastinus

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Original Thread: Yes, Marf and Roy are in this thread. [Fire Emblem Rom Hacks]




The Last Promise, created by Blazer, is a difficult hack for me to really pin down in terms of quality. On the one hand, the characters are rather forgettable or memorable for the wrong reasons, the plot is a bit too wordy at times, and there are a number of gameplay decisions that might have been implemented better. But on the other, it's a complete hack with a number of changes and additions that I actually like, and the music, cobbled together from various games, is catchy and fun to listen to. Azran has generously allowed me to take up the reins on LPing this game, and I hope to explore both what Blazer did well, and what could be improved upon.

Please note that I will be summarizing the plot until Chapter 4, since Azran's already transcribed that portion of the game. If you want to know the full text of those chapters, his LP can be found here, and also includes an LP of the postgame by Mysticblade. I highly recommend you look at it, as there are snatches of dialogue in this section of the game that are just baffling.

Also, if you want to play the game for yourself, here's a link. The download link on that page should bring you to the latest version, as of June 10th.

Spoilers: Tag 'em. Simple as that. The plot's not this romhack's strongest point, but there are a few surprises that I think are worth keeping secret.

Without further ado, let's begin.

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