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Part 39: Chapter 17a: Lenster's Gate - Part 1

the Liberation Army stood before the eastern gate of Lenster at last.

However, a legion even larger than the forces at Fort Norden awaited them.


[ Forgive me!
Damn that Kempf... So is this how he repays me? We should have done as you suggested and sent him back to the Empire.
No, sir, it is all my responsibility. However, we have nothing to worry about now. We have my armored infantry and Bishop More's magicians defending the castle gate. Rinehart's Gelpritter will be attacking the enemy from the rear. We have also called for Silesia's Pegasus Knights for extra backup. With all these forces, we will able to defend against anything.
I see... Well, I know I can trust your judgment. Oh, and Bishop Cyas will be stopping by. He is on a journey, but he said he would aid us for a short while.
The genius tactician Cyas!?
He should be arriving in a few hours.

Oh god damn it. If you're seeing the game for the first time, you may like Cyas. After all, all he's done is save Marita. But if you've played the game before, then I think you'll agree. Fuck Cyas. Fuck him.

Yes. We will concentrate on defense, and commence our attack once Bishop Cyas arrives. Lord Gustav, please stay in the castle and wait for our victory.
I trust I am leaving this in good hands, Nicarf!


Good. And if you do not mind me asking...
I heard your mother was killed by the rebel Sigurd in the civil war. Is it true?

If you're reading the FE4 LP, it just got done killing a bunch of Pegasus Knights, so this seems probable. More specifically, Misha's mother is Deetva, something you only find out if you kill her.

Is that why you became a mercenary for the Empire?
My mother has nothing to do with it. We are working to feed our starving children back home. We need money for milk and bread...that's all.
I see... Forgive my intrusiveness. You can forget what I said.


The problem is the Silesian mercenaries waiting in the northwest. If we approach the castle, we will be assaulted from behind.
Can we send a division of our troops to deal with them?
We have already left half of our forces in the rear to defend against Rinehart's forces. We can't divide our troops any further.
What should we do, then?
It depends on how willing the Silesian mercenaries are to fight...


And here we are.

Moore is going to be a hassle, he's isolated on that cliff with a long range tome, and he'll also warp the nearby Dark Mages off the cliff to wherever they can best fuck with your forces. Since characters can still move after being warped, this is much more dangerous than when they rewarp themselves. Still, it does give you three turns of not being attacked by Fenrir.

The fact that Misha kind of sucks compared to most bosses should be your hint that you can recruit her. She and her Pegasus riders are actually hostile NPCs, and as such her Leadership stars don't apply to Enemy units, only the NPC units, and vice versa.

Nicarf is nothing special, even if he does have 5 leadership stars. Killing him shouldn't pose a problem.

So that's the map as it stands now, although the pre-battle conversation promises that things are going to get a little more hectic.


Karin and Olson are the only units being force deployed today, so choose 13 characters from: Makua, Nanna, Marita, Tina, Carion, Fergus, Marty, Lara, Asvel, Safy, Fin, Shiva, Linoan, Dean, Homer, Seram, Othin, Havan, Ronan, Pahn and Sleuf.

Fatigue Counter:

No-one is fatigued, and since this is the last map on this route, go wild.