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Part 40: Chapter 17a: Lenster's Gate - Part 1x

Last time on Thracia 776, we found ourselves assaulting Lenster's gates. We're facing Silesian mercs from the north, long range dark magic from some cliffs, and normal troops elsewhere. Furthermore, Cyas, the master tactician apparently, is coming by for a visit any day now.

Alright, let's go. Today we're bringing along Sleuf, Tanya, Tina, Ralph, Hicks, Bryton, Eda, Selfina, Linoan, Fred, Glade, Dagda, Pahn, Trude and Dashin.

wait what

Onwards, brave D-listers!

Pahn gets surrounded by some enemies. He deals two damage to an armor, and takes down around half of a soldiers health.

More warps a Dark Mage near us, who proceeds to attack Dagda. He takes a hit but survives.

no wait no he doesn't. charge

Luckily we have some armorslayers, so Pahn manages to take down the armor.

By our powers combined... we kill one or two soldiers.

A second Dark Mage gets warped to us, but everyone attacks Leaf and he isn't having any of that. He manages to not get hit.

Trude starts on one of the Dark Mages.

And Eda fails to finish the job. Who's Kate?

Our good units manage to clean up the area.

Keep on fighting! Never give up.

We proceed to congregate in the center area, until around turn 10.


Cyas and Nicarf proceed to chat. We'll save that for later.


Then something magical happens.

Bridges appear in the gap between us and the armors.

what those numbers can't be right

oh god whats happening

Motherfucker has 10 leadership stars. 10. Right now all enemies on the map have +45 accuracy and avoid. He also chills in an unaccessible part of the map.

hold me

Oh right Pegasus knights too. She misses.

Tanya doesn't.

We cure Dashin.

Dashin kills a Peg Knight with our good friend, the Devil Axe.


Midboss stuff.


We tried our best, but there go our defenses.

war. He says war at the end of that.

The armors break through our defenses over Ralph's corpse, and capture Sleuf and Tina. Also, Dark Mages are appearing as reinforcements and rewarping near us. Oh, and Dashin gets put to sleep again.

Womp Womp.

We can do this. I believe in us.

Or not.

Not at this rate it won't.

Welp I think we're in trouble guys.

Yup, in trouble.

Oh god run

Forget it baby, it's Shadow Dragon.

(Real Update soon. Also, I'll recycle jokes as I please )

(Voting is still open for the real update as well, so maybe not that soon.)