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Part 43: Lenster's Liberation - Part 2

Last time we found ourselves laying siege to Lenster. Standing in our way is the former general of Lenster, Xavier, who turned traitor to save the lives of his lieutenants and their families. To save him, we need to reunite all off his lieutenants with their families, then talk to him with Leaf. Also, we can't kill any of the javelin wielding Lenster soldiers.


(Player/NPC Phase)

(Enemy Phase)

Before we even start, we find ourselves facing a fairly large obstacle - deployment. I need to have Marty and Othin on the left. Since you can't reposition units as you please, I'm forced to randomly try different combinations of units until I get what I want. Eventually I end up with Pahn, Marty, Fergus, Havan, Makua, Marita, and Safy on the left; and Homer, Sara, Carion, Olwen, Havan and Tina on the right. It'll do.

A quick heads-up before I start the update. Out of my 19 part recording, the very first part got fucked up. Rather then do the whole thing over again (ha!), I just duplicated the first couple of turns to the best of my ability. I'll tell you when we're back on the initial recordings.

You can already see the very first hurdle of the map, the thief. We need to chase him down before he gets the treasure chest in the top right. And by chase down, I mean you pretty much need to proc a movement star to catch him.

First order of buisness? Kill the Freege armors. They'll kill the civilians, and that's the worse possible thing that can happen. Olwen can use Bolting, so we let her get started on one.

Carion and Havan go left to capture the three soldiers there, and get the chests.

See this treasure chest? Don't even try and get to it. If you ignore it, you can leave the entire segment of the map it's in closed off, and there's like 8 of the soldiers you need to keep alive there. Not killing them, and making it to the chest before the thief, is almost impossible.

Instead, use Tina's unlock staff.

[Tina: Lv. 5, Hp: 16, Mgc: 4, Skl: 3, Spd: 8, Luk: 19, Def: 0, Bld: 3, Mov: 6] Nothing wrong with some move. She also moves up to a D rank in Staves.

Next turn, Marita follows in hot pursuit of the thief, while the rest of our troops go left to the civilians. On the enemy phase, the Armor Olwen bolted uses a vulnerary, reminding me you need to use Olwen in tandem with Lara to take them down. Whoops.

On the other side, Havan captures one of the soldiers, and Carion waits to intercept another. (We are now back on the actual recording).

Soldiers appear from both staircases here. The one in the top has a Long Lance, the one on bottom has a Killer Lance. This goes on for a long time.

Damn it, no movement stars.

Tina does the honors. From the chest we get the Nova scroll, which boosts Strength growth by 30, Defense by 5, Speed by 10, and reduces Magic growth by 10, and Luck by 5. In short, it's one of best scrolls.

He misses . We're in trouble. One of the soldiers will attack at range, and the other will be forced to attack at melee range, dying.

Shiva takes all of his weapons so he can't kill anyone.

The thief bails from the map, and the soldier reinforcement for the turn dies by Marita. This happens a lot, and so I won't mention it unless something interesting happens.

This guy dies too.

Next turn, with Lara's help, Olwen kills one of the Freege armors.

Fergus and Othin block off the reinforcements from the newly released civilians. They won't start moving though until we open the door to the center chamber.

This time, he doesn't miss.

Makua trades places with Othin, while the rest of our troops make their ways up to the door to the center chamber. Again, unless something interesting happens, I'll omit "they killed another reinforcement."

A Dark mage reinforcement shows up and rewarps himself right next to Makua.

Makua captures him, back takes a hit in the process. Yay, she's poisoned all map now .

[Makua: Lv. 5, Hp: 38, Str: 18, Mgc: 5, Skl: 20, Spd: 20, Luk: 13, Def: 14, Bld: 14] Not terrible, her luck is kind of low.

[Havan: Lv. 18, Hp: 39, Str: 13, Mgc: 2, Skl: 12, Spd: 14, Luk: 7, Def: 9, Bld: 17]

Shiva loots one of the chests with a chest key.

Well alright then.

He misses Shiva. Carion captures him on our turn.

Makua takes a crit too

She misses

Luckily, we have a vulnerary.

Marita levels from killing some reinforcements. [Marita: Lv. 2, Hp: 39, Str: 20, Mgc: 12, Skl: 20, Spd: 20, Luk: 20, Def: 13, Bld: 7]

She crits.

Well damn. There goes our last bolting tome.

We capture another rewarp staff. I am so excited for when we can start using them.

[Carion: Lv. 5, Hp: 47, Str: 19, Mgc: 7, Skl: 20, Spd: 20, Luk: 16, Def: 16, Bld: 14]

That's new. The reinforcements are now Mages (thunder), and Sword Armors (Killing edges).

Marty's going to capture the Sword Armors, Makua and Fergus the mages. Also, Marty is the one who crits here. Shine on you crazy diamond.

After a couple of turns, I decide to stop faffing about, and block off the reinforcements with Fergus and Marita.

Whoops, forgot to block this staircase off. Ah well, no big deal.


Fuck yeah free Fenrir tome. I don't think we can use it, but still. We can use it to balance tables. Unbalanced tables are dangerous.

[Carion: Lv. 6, Hp: 48, Str: 19, Mgc: 7, Skl: 20, Spd: 20, Luk: 17, Def: 16, Bld: 15] Keep in mind these are his dismounted stats. Carion is a wrecking ball.

I position my units next to the walls up here, to draw out the soldiers, so we can rush in and capture them the second we open the door. Except I accidentally opened the door early. My bad.

[Leaf: Lv. 19, Hp: 39, Str: 10, Mgc: 1, Skl: 6, Spd: 14, Luk: 12, Def: 9, Bld: 7] Oh, and Leaf gets a level from dodging javelins.

It begins.

Makua takes the second last Freege armor down with a Fire Sword. Following this, Leaf confiscates her sword so she doesn't horribly murder those Lenster soldiers we're trying to save. That would be a tragedy, we'd lose out on a reward. Rewards are nice.

Marty isn't carrying any weapons he can use. He doesn't need any weapons to fight off enemies. He'll just deflect weapons with his abs.

He briefly takes a weapon so that he can capture the Lenster soldier. There are two left in the center area, but I'm going to use my units on the right of the map to lure them away.

I'm in luck, the last Freege armor is leading the charge. Marty briefly takes a Hammer to take him down.

Now we play the waiting game. Marty doesn't like the waiting game, as it involves him getting stabbed a lot. Hang in there buddy!

Here we are. Now Marty and Othin retreat behind the civilians, so we can hopefully turn one of the armors.

no wait nevermind. I'm dumb and they don't. This was me being incredibly stupid showing off something else about the map. You see, the game, apparently being poetic or something, both screws you over and helps you with the skills it gives the Lenster armors. They all have Prayer, to help them stay alive, and they all have Continue, to help them kill you and each other.

This is what I had actually meant to do.



And we've turned out first armor. Here comes the hard part. He can die, but the armors that are still enemies can't. We don't want to give them the chance to attack him, or give him the chance to attack them.

Rescue chain!

Next turn, we drop the civilians and the Armor where he can't hurt anyone. There's one thing you need to keep in mind here though. If one of Lenster armors captures one of your units, game over. Since characters with no weapons can be captured without a fight, this is a problem. There's a great deal of variance in their builds, but none have more than 18, so Othin and Marty can't be captured. Make sure your front line is always made up of two characters that can't be captured by any of the armors. Although I didn't have to, you can reset the game to get slightly different stats on the Lenster armors if you don't have two units they can't capture.

We are also in a stalemate, as the front-most civilian can't recruit the front-most armor. God damn it I hate these civilains. I mean, they are all family members of the lieutenants. They should probably all know each other. God damn morons, just tell the Armor their family member isn't dead. Be smart.

Othin clears up a space.

Oh boy, another stalemate. The first armor we turned and his family escape.

[Marty: Lv. 7, Hp: 58, Str: 9, Mgc: 3, Skl: 8, Spd: 10, Luk: 17, Def: 11, Bld: 20] Marty levels from getting hit. These are his stats while holding a unit, by the way.

Next turn, we all fall back again, leaving some spaces open for some armors to hopefully be turned. Because they are stupid, they won't arrange this themselves. Even if one of the armors can see his daughter or whatever, Sir jackass the other lieutenant will just budge past him and place his dumbass self in front of her.



We turn one of the armors. Also, I am red-green colorblind and this is a goddamn nightmare for me.

Rescue chain here to save the day. Oh, by the way, make sure all your frontliners have scrolls. Half the armors have Killer Lances.

We drop the armor somewhere safe, and heal Othin.

Next turn, he gets another level from tanking enemy attacks.

[Othin: Lv. 18, Hp: 43, Str: 6, Mgc: 0, Skl: 4, Spd: 7, Luk: 12, Def: 4, Bld: 18]

We make another space to hopefully turn an armor. Othin couldn't move because he had to use a vulnerary on himself.

Next turn, I again move everyone behind the civilians, hoping to turn some more.

No wait what are you doing don't end your turn Makua isn't a civilian.

Either I miss with a 99, or Prayer saved my ass. I'd like to point out that my strategy is fine, I could have moved Makua if I weren't dumb as all hell.

This is what I had meant to do.



And that's two in one turn. We're doing it.

Rescue chain is my favorite chain. Also, I'm taking advantage of the fact that characters holding other units can't be captured to put a weaponless Makua in the frontline.

Both Armors are put down safely, and we clear up a lot of spaces for the last four to be turned.

Makua and Leaf drop some civilians they were carrying, because none of the current match-ups work.



Fuck yeah, one armor left to turn.

Marita gets in the game, helping to protect the Armor on all sides. She's holding a civilian so she can't be captured.

All the allied armors have escaped, we're so damn close.

And it was almost all for nothing, as an Armor both procs Continue and misses one attack.

She only gets Luck. Womp womp.



And that's it. We're done.

Let me rephrase that. We are finally fucking done, fuck you Thracia 776. None of the armors even died

Xavier starts heading towards us.


I've always wanted to see you one last time. I have no regrets now."

What are you saying, Xavier... I...
No. No matter what my reasons were, there is no denying that we betrayed our lord. But I am the only one to blame. My lieutenants are innocent...they simply followed my commands. Please forgive them.
Xavier... Please rise, Xavier. I am the one who must apologize. I abandoned my people and fled when they needed me most... I was unable to fulfill even one responsibility as a ruler. But you... You stayed here and fulfilled my duties in my place all on your own. ...Thank you, Xavier.
Lord Leaf... I... I am grateful that I have lived to this day... I would never have thought that such a day would come again...

Xavier, Lord Leaf needs a man like you at his side. Help him will all of your strength.
Yes... If an old man like me would suffice... My only wish was to fight against the Empire. There is nothing more that I could ask!


I almost lose here. The soldier here has a broken Javelin from taking potshots at us. Broken Javelins can no longer attack at a range. I notice though, and take away all of Othin's weapons.

I steal the Continue Manual from Gustav. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown by this point, so rather then try and fix the whole filled inventory conundrum I have going on here, I just give him a Thunder in exchange. Fair's fair.

He gets a movement star, making my life easier.

Now to kill Gustav. Gustav is tough. He has 30 defense because of his throne, and he has a Master Lance, letting him attack anyone twice for heavy damage, and Tron to deal high damage criticals.

I figure Carion with an Armorslayer is the best tool for the job. He gets a support and charisma bonus from Leaf, and the terrain next to the throne gives 20 avoid and 2 defense. That's why you make thrones low key Gustav, so people can't use the sides of them to kill you.

Big shield procs, saving his life.

Carion gets a critical, and puts an end to things.

[Carion: Lv. 7, Hp: 49, Str: 20, Mgc: 7, Skl: 20, Spd: 20, Luk: 18, Def: 16, Bld: 16]

Before I finish the map, I decide to get Sara up to level 20. At first I have her heal Makua, because if you're going to make a weapon type always poison and make poison last forever, I'm going to take advantage of that. Because you destroyed any charity I had for you this map. Then, I run out of heal staffs, and just have her dodge javelins from the soldiers barricaded on the right of the map.

Yeah, that preview image? Kind of a lie, I forgot to bring a Knight's Proof this map, I promoted her next map to make that.


Lord Leaf...

Lord Leaf...

Lord Leaf... Then we must go, now! Before it's too late!
What do you mean? Did something happen at Alster?
The civilians are planning a rebellion. But they can't win...they'll only be massacred. Please, Prince Leaf, we need your help. Please save Alster!

If we don't have Miranda, some random peasant from Alster will more or less tell us the same thing.

All right. We'll get going immediately.
No, Lord Leaf! I understand how you feel, but we don't have the manpower to save Alster. Right now, we should stay here build up our forces to defend Lenster!

You must not underestimate the Empire, Lord Leaf! Our victories thus far have merely been because of their mistakes. Don't forget that!"
Then you're both telling me to sit here and watch the people of Alster die!? Alster sheltered me after I escaped from Lenster and had nowhere else to go. My father would never forgive me if I abandoned my benefactors in the face of danger! If you still refuse to go, then I'll go alone. You two can stay here and wait!
Well... I thought he had grown a little these past months, but it seems Lord Leaf is still a child...

I will go first taking half of our troops. Lord Leaf, you must depart with the rest of them tomorrow morning. Is that all right, August?
...... I see... ...Then allow me to lead the first wave.
The prince needs you. I ask you to stay at his side. August, we didn't always see things eye to eye, but we never would have come this far without you. ...Please support the prince from now on as well.
...... ...Very well... If you insist.
Dorias, why can't we take our whole army? If you're going first, I'll go with you.
Prince! Stop acting like a child! Our troops are exhausted. Many of them have pushed themselves to impossible limits, with only the hope of liberating Lenster keeping them going. Look, Lord Leaf, they are all fast asleep from fatigue. But if you depart now, they will force themselves to accompany you. Do you want to put them through such harsh measures?
...I'm sorry, Dorias. You're right. But will half the army be enough?
...With the Empire gone, many soldiers who were hiding and others who were forced to fight for the Empire have joined our ranks. They will make up for the difference somewhat.
All right. We'll depart tomorrow as soon as we're ready. I'm counting on you, Dorias. Help the people of Alster!
Yes. ...Lord Leaf, I must tell you something very important before I leave.
Something important? Does it have to be now?
Yes. Lenster has been liberated, and our kingdom has been reestablished.

Please be an honorable and just ruler, like your father before you.
Oh, is that all. Of course I will. I need to become stronger... My fight isn't over until I rescue Eyvel. You'll come with me to Manster, right, Dorias?
Yes... Well...I must be off. May God bless you, Lord Leaf!


Oh shit Promotion time. C'mon Leaf, it's time to turn it all around. Roy got the Sword of Seals, you got every weapon and a shitload of stats in 4, let's make it count.

Off to a great start here.


Not even a goddamn point of move.


We get the Member card from him. The Member card is a Fire Emblem tradition, and turns a specific spot on a later map into a shop that sells rare items (stat-boosters.)


New Recruits:

Hp: 38 (50%) Spd: 6 (50%)
Str: 13 (40%) Lck: 3 (70%)
Mag: 3 (45%) Def: 17 (15%)
Skl: 9 (55%) Bld: 15 (10%)
Mov: 6 (1%)

Class: General Weapon Ranks: A (Axes), A (Bows), C (Swords), E (Lances) Movement stars: 0 Skills: Wrath, Big Shield, Charge PCC: 0

Xavier, if he's worth using at all, is worth using for his skills and his weapon ranks. Skill wise he has one of the most impressive load-outs in the game, carrying the Baron's Big Shield skill, which gives him a (Level%) chance of nullifying any damage taken. I believe the value used doesn't account for promotions though, so he'll need a couple of levels under his belt before he can get some use out of it. He also has Charge and Wrath, although his low speed means he'll won't be able to use Charge much for a while. While Xavier can be a powerful unit, he needs both time and care when using him, as Thracia 776 loves hammers. Loves them. If his growths seem odd/familiar, it's because he has the exact same growths as Olwen and Eyrios. A fourth character uses the very same set, so I don't know if it's just laziness or a glitch. He also has a leadership star, which while not game-changing, does give him the edge over other units for a vacant spot.


Current Resets: 42

Next Time on Thracia 776: Rewarp.