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Part 46: The Child of Light - Part 1

the Liberation army was gradually driven into a corner of the castle.

It seemed like it was only a matter of time before Lenster fell again...


The reserve forces from Alster are coming to our aid. They should be arriving soon.
Good, now we will have enough manpower. We have already taken over most of the castle. This small section is all that remains. It won't be long now.
I hope so...
What do you mean? Is there a problem?
...It has already been half a year since we started attacking Lenster. King Blume is not pleased to see that we haven't taken down the castle yet. I know it isn't in my place to speak like this, but I would suggest you made haste.
...I know.
The king's mood is getting worse by the day. Losing Prince Ishto at Castle Melgen must have been painful..."
How far has the Isaac Army come?
They have already reached the Thracian peninsula. Coen's Twelfth Legion is defending against them along with the Vampa sisters and Lady Tinny's mage army. However, even Lady Liza fell before the Isaac Army... It will be a tough battle.

The FE4 nerds in the audience will probably realize that these very events are played out in Chapter 2 of Gen 2 from Celice's perspective.

What is the king doing?
He is leading the remaining troops in Alster. If the Isaac Army reaches Alster, he will probably send for you. And if Lenster hasn't fallen by then...
Erg... I know that!
I must return to Conort. I wish you luck, Lord Barat.

Rinehart rides away.


Annihilate the enemy with all of your strength!
Yes, sir!


All those that can move are stationed on defense. We will have no place to run if this area falls.
I'm surprised we lasted this long against the Empire's legions. It's been half a year already...this may be it.
You mustn't talk like that, Lord Leaf. You would be betraying those who fought with their lives to defend the castle if you give up. Lord Celice's army is progressing with ease because we are keeping the Empire's main forces occupied. We mustn't give up until we group with Lord Celice.

The fact that our best units are weak compared to the second Gen probably doesn't hurt either.

I'm sorry, August. I know. I want to meet Lord Celice, too. But I just can't bear watching our soldiers die one after another...
If you truly think so, then we must fight to the last man standing, to ensure that their deaths have not been in vain!


Our units are again scatted around, and most of them are locked behind closed doors. This won't keep them save though, as all the enemy armors have door keys, and they can break through cracks in the wall you may or may not be able to see on the picture. Our objective for the map is twofold. We need to defend for 15 turns and kill Barat. Accomplishing only one of these isn't enough, although after 15 turns Barat starts moving, making him easier to kill. There's some other stuff going on as well. There's a treasure chest, some villages to visit, and shops to visit. Furthermore, for some bizarre reason, we have a bunch of armors locked in prison in the top-right - with killing edges. We are bad at taking prisoners. Enemy reinforcements have unlock staves, and so they'll break those guys free, and ruin any attempts on our part to hide behind closed doors.

Barat isn't so bad, his only weapon is a Master Axe, which have a bad tendency not to hit people. An Armorslayer will make quick enough work of him. He also has the Tordo scroll, the last scroll of the game. Tordo boots Hp by 5, Strength by 5, Magic by 5, Skl by 10, and Luck by 5. Not bad, but if you're trying to make a god unit there are better scrolls to stack. Like all bosses nowadays, Barat can't be captured, so we'll have to steal it.


So there you have it. This chapter promises to be fun, because nearly all my A listers are fatigued. I'm going to force deploy Fergus, Lara (thieving) and Shaman (shopping). So, choose 11 characters from: Homer, Tina, Karin, Nanna, Seram, Linoan, Asvel, Dean, Xavier, Othin, Havan, Shiva, Safy, Pahn, Fin, Ronan, and Conomore.

Fatigue Counter:

Lara: 28/32
Homer: 3/36
Tina: 15/16
Karin: 15/40
Nanna: 36/40
Seram: 18/33
Linoan: 15/29
Asvel: 4/35
Dean: 4/39
Conomore: 1/39

Olwen/Marty/Carion/Makua/Marita/Sara: Fatigued


Promotion time

The chest here has a Knight's proof in it. Rather then wait, I've left an open spot for a character to be deployed and then promoted, so choose who gets the honors:


Promotes to: Swordmaster Gains: +2 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Skl, +3 Spd, +2 Def, +0 Bld, +1 Mov, +2 Sword ranks, learns Continue.

Thoughts: Overall, a pretty strong promotion. While they don't need the skill or speed, 2 strength and 2 defense helps a lot, and Continue goes really well with Swordmasters (being contingent on speed). No build is really unfortunate though.




Promotes to: Duke Knight Gains: +2 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Skl, +2 Spd, +2 Def, +1 Bld, +1 Mov, +1 Lance rank.

Thoughts: Not much to say really. Stat bonuses are good, but nothing special.


Othin, Havan:

Promotes to: Mercenary Gains: +2 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Skl, +3 Spd, +3 Def, +0 Bld, +0 Mov, +1 Axe rank, E in swords.

Thoughts: This is a pretty good promotion, the stat bonuses are quite robust, in areas both of them could use, and it gives them a new weapon type. No move hurts though.



Promotes to: Sniper Gains: +2 Str, +1 Mag, +3 Skl, +3 Spd, +2 Def, +1 Bld, +0 Mov, +1 Bow rank.

Thoughts: Another fairly generic promotion. The 0 move is not as big of a deal as in other promotions, as Ronan starts with one more move than your average foot soldier (having 7 rather than 6).