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Part 47: The Child of Light - Part 2

Last time, we found ourselves somehow still holding Lenster castle after six months. My theory is that we just put Marty in the main entrance with no weapons, and then just went about our business. Anyways, Celice's army is making it's way to our location, so we just need to hold out against Barat's - the enemy's general - assault until he arrives. And kill Barat, because fuck that guy.


(Player Phase)

(Enemy Phase)

Honestly, this is not a difficult chapter. There's one or two dicks moves that could force a reset if you're unlucky, but for the most part enemies are weak and you're strong. Even using mostly B-listers I didn't have a problem.

Our units are spread about in several groups. First we have Leaf and his staff harem, chilling out in the throne room (Leaf, Seram, and Linoan.)

In the middle, we have Conomore, Shanam, Othin and Shiva. Shanam and Conomore are going to go east, through a door Shanam opened with a door key, while Shiva follows so that they don't all die horribly.

In the east, we have Fin, Lara, and Homer. Karin and Asvel have found themselves trapped in some-kind of detached corridor. I do not understand the defensive function of these corridors. They can't even leave them without a chest key.

And back over in the west, we have Xavier and Nanna stuck in one of detached corridors, while Fergus and Ronan guard the corridor to the throne room.

And the enemies march. We don't want to waste door keys or lock picks, so we're just going to leave the enemies to open doors for us. So that we can kill them. It's a strange, strange siege.

Conomore, Shiva, and Shanamn keep heading towards their goal. Further down, Lara opens a door for us and Homer gets the Knight's Proof inside the chest. Homer's going to promote with this one, while Ronan gets the one we got last mission.

And we get ourselves yet another Sage. Magic supremacy I also just now realized Homer can use Resire on promotion, so we'll throw that his way sometime.

Oh look, reinforcements.

This is the worst goddamn castle I mean seriously.

Two bishops with unlock staves show up, and begin opening doors so we don't have to waste resources doing so. Thanks guys!

The enemies really aren't helping themselves here. If they were smart they'd have left Asvel and Karin to rot in there.

Unlock staves are fun, so I capture one. We don't have anybody to swap and drop the bishop with, but I'm sure she'll be fine.

Shiva waits to kill these guys. Unfortunate positioning meant we didn't have anybody near by who could easily capture them. Okay maybe Othin could have but whatever.

The enemy breaks into the corridor Xavier and Nanna are in and rush Xavier. It does not go well for them. I guess you could say that while they may be great, he's the master .

They also break into this wall, making space for Homer to do his thing. Thanks guys! This guy dies later for his poor decisions.

Even while giving a Bishop a piggy-back, Karin can't be phased.

(I had another recording error in Part 1/11. Any slight incongruites between what stuff that happened before and stuff that happens from now on is because of that.)

Next turn, Asvel takes and drops the Bishop, while Karin runs.

Nanna and Xavier kill people. They're proving pretty good at that. Since it's not bring a Hammer to work day today, Xavier can actually help this map. And since all the enemies are armors, he can do a good job of it too.

Shiva's only in range of one of the armors, because he doesn't have any scrolls. Where are all the scrolls? You may be surprised.

Oh poop.

Oh double poop.

They don't attack anyone. They suddenly feel much less threatening. Admittedly, what could they have done to Asvel? Beyond inconvenience him with their corpses.

The second unlock Bishop misses, which is good for us, because more unlock charges

Not much happens on the other side either.

This is a nice haul. I do not disapprove. (Fortify heals everyone.)

Just in case, we heal Xavier from afar. I'm going to run out of psychic soon, and I'll have no idea what to do with myself

Karin falls off her horse. Whoops. She captures the mage though, so we're cool.

open the door. do it. it'll end great.

Since Conomore is so bad at dodging he probably takes damage if Shiva gets attacked, and Shiva's almost dead, we cheese it!

The mages open the door, and advance. I figure they realize hurting Nanna is a lot cause, and hurting Xavier is an axe to the face.

Karin blocks off the corridor of mages. I consider healing her from afar, but decide what's the worse that could happen? The mages shouldn't pose much of a threat.

This was probably a better use of a psychic.

Seriously Conomore, what can you dodge?

Shanam accomplished his goal of visiting a house. I too dream a visiting a house some day.


Oh god what? Are we dead?

So this is the part of the game where the patch gets fun. Expect lots of graphical kerfuffles. The village gave us a Silence staff, by the way.

Leaf what are you doing you mad fool.

Now, here's the thing about Leaf. His promoted class, is considered to be unpromoted. Yes, even the game realizes they can't really call that a promotion. This means right now, he's level 1 for experience purposes. What I'm saying is, he levels up really fast. So if you give him all the cool scrolls...

Ronan helps too.

Xavier and Nanna team up to kill some armors.

[Nanna: Lv. 17, Hp: 40, Str: 20, Mgc: 12, Skl: 20, Spd: 20, Luk: 20, Def: 15, Bld: 8] Even without Dain, she gets defense. Oh Nanna.

Yes, those are Ballista reinforcements. Yup.

But first, Conomore doesn't die.

Karin doesn't either. Not that I was worried.

Asvel dodges some ballistas, and opposite dodges some other ballistas.

Ronan follows through by killing some more mages.

They don't attack Karin. I think these guys are going after our only weak link - Leaf.

Xavier kills one of the ballistas on the left, while Nanna takes the other.

Alright Leaf, let's do this.

But... Leaf refused to change. Seram heals him aftewards.

Shanam considers going shopping, but I capture enough healing staffs and thunder tomes that I decide I'll pass.

Asvel is using a wind tome we picked up here, so that he can hopefully get an A rank and use Blizzard and Tornado.

Karin captures one of the priestesses in the bottom right, while other people do other stuff. Some of the priestesses have Restore staves too, which I'm okay with.

On the enemy phase, Leaf scores a kill.

[Leaf: Lv. 2, Hp: 40, Str: 12, Mgc: 2, Skl: 7, Spd: 15, Luk: 12, Def: 11, Bld: 8] Actually, not bad.

Dammit Asvel, stop getting hit by ballistas.

Go get em' Leaf! Seram heals the damage he obviously takes.

[Ronan: Lv. 20, Hp: 35, Str: 16, Skl: 13, Spd: 17, Luk: 9, Def: 7, Bld: 9] He needs luck, so uh, alright I guess?

More Staves for us. Xavier tries to capture the mage, but fails.

[Leaf: Lv. 3, Hp: 41, Str: 13, Mgc: 2, Skl: 8, Spd: 16, Luk: 12, Def: 12, Bld: 8]

Fergus proceeds to capture the mage next to him.

It's time.

Time for The RoMAN to take some names . I'm bad at nicknames.

[Seram: Lv. 3, Hp: 34, Str: 2, Mgc: 20, Skl: 16, Spd: 18, Luk: 7, Def: 11, Bld: 6]

Wait a minute, weren't all the ballistas dead? They were, these are the new ballistas Well new Ballista, techically, but who's keeping score.

Anyways, Xavier makes the ballista go away, and everyone else advances slightly.

Reinforcements have pretty much stopped by this point, so we can take our time.

By some miracle, the fight goes like so.

[Leaf: Lv. 4, Hp: 43 (+2), Str: 14, Mgc: 2, Skl: 8, Spd: 17, Luk: 12, Def: 12, Bld: 8]

We then safely rescue and drop him outside of Barat's range.

The Axe Armors? Not that intimidating, although most of them have hand-axes and live another turn. They don't really hit much either though.

The 4 mages with Meteor? Slightly more intimidating. Fortunately, one decided just using fire is more his speed.

The others don't.

Now, here's why Charge sucks. Xavier gets attacked twice here by a single Meteor user. Luckily, his HP is lower than the second mage's and so he only gets attacked by three meteors (and hit by 2).

Anyways, let's fight back.

[Leaf: Lv. 5, Hp: 44, Str: 15, Mgc: 2, Skl: 9, Spd: 17, Luk: 13, Def: 13, Bld: 8]

With Leaf having cleared the way, Fergus can charge down the Mage with Meteor in the far left.

Free siege tome

Karin is perfectly positioned to capture a second siege tome.

Lara dancing lets Asvel swap and drop the mage Karin's holding. Homer kills the remaining mage, because I'm opposed to leaving Siege tome wielders alive.

Nanna's going to stop Leaf from dying here, using a support bonus and charisma.

Oh boy. No mages this time though, so we're fine.

Way to meat shield Ronan!

[Karin: Lv. 10, Hp: 40, Str: 15, Mgc: 15, Skl: 16, Spd: 20, Luk: 20, Def: 11, Bld: 9] Well that's just...ugh.

He caps Magic, but everything else remains the same.

Back on our phase, Ronan kills two armors with the help of a movement star.

[Ronan: Lv. 2, Hp: 34, Str: 17, Mgc: 11, Skl: 16, Spd: 20, Luk: 10, Def: 9, Bld: 10] He also ranks up to a B in bows, letting him use the Brave Bow.

This clears the way for Lara to steal the Tordo scroll, and to be carried away to safety by Fin.

[Leaf: Lv. 6, Hp: 45, Str: 16, Mgc: 2, Skl: 9, Spd: 18, Luk: 14, Def: 14, Bld: 8]

We win at the start of next turn if we kill Barat, and he starts moving if we don't, so I kill people with everyone and then assassinate Barat with Asvel.

It's like Lost all over again.

You won't stand in my way!

Guh... Is this...the end...?

[Asvel: Lv. 8, Hp: 36, Str: 1, Mgc: 16, Skl: 17, Spd: 20, Luk: 10, Def: 7, Bld: 7]

And everyone left starts running away.


Lord Celice's army has arrived! They have surrounded Alster and are attacking as we speak. We have been saved!
I see... Lord Celice... But how do you know that, August?
Ah, forgive me. A messenger has come from Lord Celice. He is waiting in the guest room.
From Lord Celice? I need to see him. Let him pass!

Yes. Lord Leaf, here is a letter from Lord Celice. Please read through it...
Hmm... He says it shouldn't take too long to take down Alster...
Yes. No more than a few days...
Then let's head for Alster. I want to see Lord Celice!
Of course, Lord Leaf. I shall escort you.


Delmud, your message is done now, right?
Then go see Nanna...
Delmud... My brother...
Nanna!? Nanna!
Nanna... I'm sorry. If only I had known earlier, I would have come for you no matter what. But I didn't know until I heard about you from Lord Levin...
Lord Levin...?
That's right. He's Lord Celice's tactician, and he knows everything.

I'm sorry, Nanna... She was protecting me...
No... I was mad at you when I was younger, but I understand now. As a woman, I understand how mother felt...
I haven't given up, Nanna. Lord Levin said that our mother is still alive. We can go look for her together once this war is over. So don't cry... Prince Leaf, I have something to ask of you. Will you include me in your ranks? I have Lord Celice's approval.
Yes, I would ask you to join for Nanna. I'll talk to Lord Celice as well.

If Nanna is dead, we don't see the last part of the scene (meaning Delmud doesn't join us), and instead get a brief scene between Leaf asking if Delmud is Nanna's brother and Delmud giving Leaf the letter:

I was hoping to see Nanna, but...
I'm sorry. If only I were stronger...
No, it isn't your fault. I think... I think Nanna was happy to be at your side.


New Recruits:

Level. 3

Hp: 36 (70%) Spd: 12 (45%)
Str: 11 (40%) Lck: 7 (65%)
Mag: 5 (15%) Def: 9 (30%)
Skl: 12 (65%) Bld: 11 (15%)
Mov: 10 (1%)

Class: Forrest Knight Weapon Ranks: A (Sword) Movement stars: 0 Skills: Charisma PCC: 5

Delmud is another pre-premote worth using. I think I've already shown how much I love Charisma, and since Delmud and Nanna support each other as well you can make clusters of sky-high avoid with them. His bases may be low, but that's more because he's a pretty low level, compare him to Conomore who's 10 levels higher and you'll see Delmud's bases aren't bad for a prepremote. He also has solid growths, and his luck isn't shit like most prepremotes, so if you invest some time in him he'll become fairly powerful. What really helps Delmud shine is that he comes with a unique sword, Beo's Sword. Beo's Sword is the strongest sword in the game that's not Olwen's murder sword (16mt), has 30crit, isn't that heavy (13wt), and gives the Ambush and Wrath skills. Remember though that ambush+wrath is nerfed here, as wrath won't activate until your pursuit attack. That said, he does have competition for this sword, as Fergus can use it too, and Fergus is pretty much Delmud+.

Also, time for some FE4 plot sperging. Beo's sword is fairly good evidence that Delmud and Nanna are half-siblings, with Delmud having being fathered by Beowulf, and Nanna by Fin. This is supported by the epilogue, where it's revealed (minor character spoiler) that Fergus is supposedly Beowulf's bastard, suggesting use of Beo's sword is limited to his children. . There's more evidence then just this, but I'll let someone who cares more compile it.


Current Resets: 45

Next time on Thracia 776: The tale of God-Leaf hopefully continues!