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Part 48: War of Liberation - Part 1

A cousin, and a lifelong friend...


Yuria/Julia here is a ~mysterious~ amnesiac girl from the second gen of FE4. She'll be showing up either next update or the one after in that LP, so this update is unfortunately timed.

Don't worry, you can leave Conort to us. You should head for Manster.
Lord Celice, forgive me for being selfish...
No, don't worry about it. I understand how you feel. Well then, let us meet again in Manster.
Yes, in Manster!
Please be safe, Lord Leaf...

Leaf's portrait shows up as Julia's here, so we get some interesting screens here.


Yes. He has gathered an army ten times our size, and has crossed the Yied desert at that young age. He is quite a figure.
You were saying before that he was 'made to be a hero.'
Of course, I won't deny that. However, it is also true that Lord Celice does have talent and ability that makes him worthy of being made a hero. He will become much greater than his father, Sigurd.
I still have a long way to go. I'm ashamed of myself...
Nonsense, you have grown much this past year. You will become like Lord Celice in another year or so. Anyway, have you two agreed on what to do from here on?
Lord Celice is going to lead his forces east along the coast, towards Conort.
Then we will be heading for Danzhi?
Lord Celice happily agreed to my selfish requests. I want to get to Manster as quickly as possible. If we leave Conort to Lord Celice, we can concentrate on liberating Manster.
Either way, we will have to capture Fort Danzhi. That is an important base for inland battles.



Flaus isn't so bad, he's easy to kill since he's a Bishop even though he could have been a Baron without having to change anything. Blizzard is pretty effective here due to the terrain and multiple other long-ranged attackers (the other bishop near him has bolting), but it's only really a hassle if you want to try and capture it. Otherwise, there are ways of neutralizing him quickly.

The priestess in front of him has a sleep staff.

Seyme can be pretty annoying to kill. He moves, and he has a fairly powerful skill set. Prayer locks all killing blows to a 58% max accuracy, and Awareness nullifies combat skills that could make him easier. Still, he'll crumble instantly faced with Grafcalibur or the Brave Bow.


Looks like fun.

If you're wondering why I seemed not to want to promote Linoan, and forgot my spiel about her in chapter 14, Linoan promotes for free if she visits the church in the top-right here. So she's been force-deployed. Coming with her will be Karin, Ronan and Sara, so choose 11 characters from: Homer, Karin, Seram, Asvel, Xavier, Fergus, Othin, Shiva, Fin, Olwen, Marty, Carion, Makua, Marita, Tina, Dean, Havan and Pahn. Technically Delmud doesn't join until the very beginning of this map, so he's automatically deployed. Click here for up to date character statuses.

Fatigue Counter:

Homer: 11/36
Karin: 32/40
Seram: 28/34
Linoan: 21/29
Asvel: 15/36
Xavier: 14/38
Fergus: 8/40
Shiva: 2/35
Fin: 2/34
Ronan: 10/34
Conomore: 4/39

Fatigued: Nanna/Lara


Celice's offical art

Julia/Levin official art.