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Part 54: The Palace of Evil - Part 1

to flee once and for all, and the Magi group led by Sety was aiding their escape.

Fierce clashes were ensuing between the Manster army and Magi group day and night...



Yeah totally, go ahead and take these children random dude.

I'm just a passer-by, but I heard about your problem. If you like, I can take the children outside to safety. Or can you not trust me?
...You have a gentle atmosphere about you. You don't seem to be hostile... But who are you? You look like a bishop of the Empire...
I'm sorry, but I cannot answer your questions. However, if you can trust me, I will promise to lead the children to safety.
Very well... I will entrust the children to you. And one more thing... Please take this sword.

I see... And what do you want me to do?
This sword can only be used by those of the Holy Warriors' blood. I would like you to give it to Prince Leaf of the Liberation Army.
Very well, I will give it to him if we meet.
Thank you. Oh... Lord bishop! Would you at least tell me your name?


Damn, we need the children to give to the Empire... All right.

Ah, Alfan. I want you to defend the castle gate. I have reports that that boy from Lenster is approaching, and the Magi group is being a nuisance as well.


Although the Manster army has been weakened, it is still a powerful force. We won't be able to defeat them without the Magi group's help. ...I see some movement... It seems the children are escaping toward us.
All right! We have to help them!


That's a map alright. Funnily enough, we don't have to save the children. Not even in a we get a non-essential reward kind of a way, nothing changes if we let them live or die. So no pressure there.

Cyas is on our side now, and through some miracle he's retained 5 of his 10 leadership stars. He also comes with a bunch of useful items, although he can't fight worth a damn.

Alfan's not so tough yet, but 5 turns in he gets the Poison spell, a Dark magic siege tome that also poisons anyone it hits. He's also sporting a new Dark Magic tome. Hell is slightly less accurate then Yotsmungand, and reduces anyone who's hit by it to 1hp. Unless they already have 1hp. Then it just kills them. Expect to see a lot of Hell tomes in the coming chapters.

To the right of Alfan are two Dark Mages with Sleep staves.

Faden's fairly powerful. He can always attack at a range, is fast enough that only characters with max AS can double (so no magic users can), and has solid stats otherwise.

Hanging out near the cluster of ballistas is the most badass enemy in the entire game. Beyond being a walking armory, badass General has Charisma, because try not being impressed by the guy carrying 5 axes while being covered head to toe in armor.


Karin and Sara are going to be force-deployed, but beyond that pretty much anybody will do. So, choose 13 characters from: Fergus, Marty, Marita, Nanna, Othin, Shiva, Makua, Havan, Fin, Carion, Tina, Safy, Asvel, Xavier, Ronan, Homer, Dean, and Delmud. Lara is absent because while not fatigued, we don't really need her this map and the rest of the game is indoors (with all the thief use that implies) and so we're giving her a break. Click here for the character stats page.

Fatigue Counter:

Karin: 41/50
Fergus: 13/43
Marty: 17/63
Marita: 24/50
Nanna: 10/40
Othin: 11/45
Shiva: 8/38
Makua: 12/43
Havan: 9/42

Seram/Linoan/Olwen/Dashin: Fatigued