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Fire Emblem: Thracia 776

by Cake Attack

Part 55: The Palace of Evil - Part 1x


Cyas moves down exactly one space. By doing so, I win the map.

Green is the most dangerous color.

And now Sety takes control of the throne, and shows what a Holy Weapon does in a game without. When you also have +30 avoid and +10 defense from terrain.

Whoops. You'll be avenged. Maybe. I kind of hate you Cyas. 10 leadership stars my ass.

He also has plot immunity.

And now he's on our team.

And just in time for reinforcements, he's over there, because he can use Rewarp.

Goodbye Penta-Axe general. You're using too many axes in heaven now

Alright, I'm bored, let's finish this.

Holsety, ladies and gentlemen.