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by That Italian Guy

Part 1: Meet the Clients: Michael

To keep things interesting in the days leading to the start of the game (and to give me a chance to introduce some extra rules in a more digestible manner), I'll reveal our current Clients, one at a time, and talk about their Demands and the scoring system a bit more. The Clients are divided in 3 decks (one per type), so each game will always have 1 Build, 1 Layout and 1 Design Client.

So without further ado, after shuffling the Build deck, let's meet Michael!

As a Build type Client, Michael is interested in the construction of specific Rooms in specific configurations. To be honest, this is hardly a strict rule - in fact, Michael's Demands have some overlap with both Design and Layout ones. Let's have a look at what his needs are:

Feel free to ask any question or clarification!