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Part 3: 03 - The Romans Blunder

Let's play The Romans Blunder

I don't have anything to say about this picture, it's just pretty.

Got a tiny briefing again, so only one video.

Briefing & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the GTVA and the Loki

And the Loki.

This ship showed up first in FS1 FS1's expansion Silent Threat. (Thanks for catching that!) So though it does have an FS1-era description, all returning ships have new database entries are different from those in FS1.

These days, it's pretty outpowered. I always liked how the NTF is using all these old ships like the Loki and Fenris, as if they really are a poorly outfitted rebellion without access to new technology.

Bonus stuff!

As I mentioned in the video, a word more on the music. The 8 7 music sets are titled after books of the bible, as seen in FRED2 (the level editor):

Why? Well, there was a religious theme implied further on in FS1, and a text file located in my disc 3 extras elaborates:

Music.txt posted:


Freespace 2, like it's predecessor, utilizes event driven music. Unlike the original, nearly all focus is placed on actual battles.
Depending on how the player is doing and how long it takes him, the music will gradually switch to the higher, more intense tracks.
During uneventful parts of a mission, typically at the beginning, general ambience is used. The idea was to make the music compliment
the action better. The benefit of using less tracks also meant we could get by with higher fidelity samples and stereo streams.


Composer notes:

I used Biblical names to keep in tune with the original "Exodus" subtitle, which was dropped, and for inspiration.
Plus let's face it, some of the books have awfully cool names. : )
All scores composed and produced by Dan Wentz/Volition 1999.

Also included in the extras are MP3s for the Joshua, Numbers (Numbers II+III is my favorite track), and Revelation, (each set has 3 separate songs that it shifts between); plus the ambience track and the ending theme.

It's interesting to listen to the files, since you almost never get to hear the late sections of the low-intensity parts. If you want them yourself (and the other sets not included in that bonus), you can easily find a .vp extractor on the wiki, and pull all the songs out of the music vp, though they aren't labeled by track name there.