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Part 4: 04 - A Lion at the Door

Let's play A Lion at the Door


I forgot I promised to go up to hard, so next time.

Viddler | Polsy | YouTube

Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

We're in Gamma Draconis! But where did the Iceni go?

Don't think I'll be doing arrow lines all over the map this time, it just got messy and since we're hopping across the galaxy between one level like this anyway…

Let's meet the Harpoon and Prometheus R

The Harpoon is the replacement for FS1's Interceptor, and is just as good. It's basic and not that exciting, but the fastest aspect lock, good homing, decent stock size, no significant refire delay, and average damage add up to the most all-around good missile. I promise not to use it as much as I should, because in my mind that "not that exciting" part somehow outweighs the rest.

This thing is a piece of garbage, and in no way better than the Subach. I mean, it's not even a preference kind of thing, there is no reason to ever use it. It's slower by half, uses up piles of energy, and the damage is only marginally higher. Probably the only primary weapon this thing outclasses is FS1's ML-16.

One last question. Apparently, Gamma Draconis is a system with no planets. Does this actually make astronomical sense? I have no idea, but it sounds odd.