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Part 5: 05 - Mystery of the Trinity

Let's play Mystery of the Trinity

Behind the scenes: trying out different HUD colors for better nebula viewing. Green was still the easiest to see.

Viddler | Polsy | YouTube

Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

End briefing and bonus material
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube

Let's meet the Herc II, Fenris, and Cain!

The Hercules Mark II is a really good ship, the main selling points of which are its huge missile banks, and good armor. It's not really the hands-down winner of the durable ship game like the original Herc was in FS1, but its still one of the best.

And now for a fun new section, "Let's get reacquainted with…!"

Ok, I won't make that a new section. But here are some old ships now with new descriptions.

Given beam turrets, the Fenris suddenly has some real power. However, it still dies in about 2 seconds, as seen in this level.

"Better than a Fenris." That's hardly praise.