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Part 6: 06 - The Great Hunt

Let's play The Great Hunt

Bosch: A man of many thoughts.

Movie & Briefing
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube

Level & Another audio clip
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Deimos, Astaroth, and Mara!

The Deimos is the new "standard" cruiser that, thankfully, is replacing the Fenris. As seen in this level, they can take out a smaller ship like a Cain in nearly one shot.

The Astaroth, as lovingly named by some anonymous Beta wing pilot two levels ago, is a strong offensive ship. According to one of the "veteran comments" on the wiki, this thing is more annoying than a Dragon. Yeah right.

The Mara is the Shivans' new favorite fighter that shows up in just about every level. It visually looks like an upgraded Dragon, but the Dragon is better than it by a long shot, which is good, given how common these are.

You can't tell from the still shots here, and there're so many lighting effects in-level that it's hard to notice, but the Shivan fighters have glowy effects built in to the textures in FSO. Have some .gifs:

Next time on LPFS2O: I realize that I've been taking the screenshots at a very poor .jpg quality, and stop wondering why the text is so much fuzzier than it was during FS1! Also probably more nebula. Actually, I think one of my most hated levels may be next.