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Part 7: 07 - Slaying Ravana

Let's play Slaying Ravana

Briefing & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

If you get bored with my commentary, YouTube has a new "auto-caption" feature that spews out something with little to no relation to the actual audio, guaranteed to make any YouTube video twice as fun, I guess. Farmers overruled indeed, Command.

Let's meet the Boanerges, Cyclops, and Ravana

I'll leave this one to a veteran comment from the wiki:
"A crucial line is crossed in the Boanerges. Previous heavy bombers were incapable of dogfighting. The Boanerges is incapable of defending itself."

The problem, really, is that though it's billed as a faster, more agile bomber, it's only slightly more so than the Ursa, while lacking the Ursa's guns and durability.

It's a bomb, moving on…

The Ravana, in my opinion, is kind of the forgotten ship of this game; at least I never remember it exists until I get to this level. Much like the Demon in FS1, it's huge and deadly, yet quickly overshadowed in the story. The difficulty in this level is more from the fighters coming at you than the Ravana itself, and of course the nebula fuzz.