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Part 8: 08 - The Sixth Wonder

Let's play The Sixth Wonder


Viddler | Polsy | YouTube

Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Despite all that map stuff in the briefings, nothing has actually changed color from the last time I updated the map.

Let's meet the Perseus, Zeus, and Stiletto II

The Perseus is FS2's answer to the Valkyrie, but is actually superior to it - even accounting for the increased strength of enemy ships in this game. Though it has the speed of an interceptor, its armor is decent, as is its weapon capacity, at least until some new guns come out it can't carry. It's overall better than the Myrmidon for most any situation.

…In contrast to the Zeus, which is really pathetic. Great armor? Really? This thing goes down about as quickly as an interceptor, but is much slower and easier to hit. Add that to a sub-par bomb capacity, and it's really not worth using.

As I said in the level, anti-subsystem weapons in FS1 were really only useful in specific places where the game made you use them. Here, these things are great at taking out high-priority turrets like the forward beams. Despite that, I still don't tend to bring them along, since the number of such targets is usually small enough that it's not worth losing a bank of normal missiles.