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Part 9: A1 - Pokemon Adventures

Special April 1st update - Because new months just deserve their own posts.

Since Pokemon LPs are totally cool now, I thought, hey, why not go one step further and make a FreeSpace-Pokemon crossover? SO HERE WE GO!

The amazing story of Alpha 2
(while Alpha 1 is off being a hero)

Alpha 2: Man, this sucks. I can't believe Command stuck me in an old Herc 1.

Alpha 2: And since when is space so white?

SUDDENLY, A wild space-Ditto appeared!

Alpha 2: Holy poop, what is that?! I'd better call in some bombers!

Alpha 2: This is Alpha 2, calling for reinforcements! Does anyone read me?

Beta 1: This is Beta wing, coming to your assistance. All units, bombs away!

(This screenshot not available 'cause it's just too awesome to see. Also, Medusas are really hard to make out of paper, apparently).

Beta 1: Damn! There's no effect! It just made it mad!

Wild space-Ditto used Transform! Space-Ditto became a Charmander!

Charmander: ROAR!!!

Charmander used Stomp!

Alpha 2: Nooooooooooooooo!!!


(Herc 1 paper pattern from this site somewhere on the sidebar. There is also an Athena available there. There is also this thread with a Medusa that I couldn't figure out how to do, and further in an Orion, if you're totally nuts).