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Part 16: 15 - A Game of TAG

Lets play A Game of TAG

In which I take 80% of the level's damage from friendly fire.

Briefing & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Ulysses and TAG-A

Back from FS1, it's the old Ulysses

Which is really still not that bad a ship, being very agile, though rather fragile. I'm not a fan of how wide apart its missile banks are though, which becomes particularly annoying when not double-firing, as in this level.

If the "-A" and the debriefing don't make it clear enough, there will eventually be a "-B" with aspect lock. Which is actually better is debatable... if this fired as fast as a Tempest, I'd prefer it over the -B, but it doesn't, which throws me off.
Again, though, it has few uses outside levels that tell you to use it. It's good at making a capital ship focus on the important threats first, but without TAG turned on, the capital ship would just be beaming all over the place, and you could be using real weapons rather than tagging and waiting.