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Part 17: 16 - Proving Grounds

Lets play Proving Grounds

I couldn't get any nice pictures in the murky nebula today, so here's a medal.

Briefing & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

More level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

The third possible ending, if the Aquitaine is destroyed:

Not quite as dramatic as, "GOOD GOD, WE'VE LOST THE GALATEA!" Good to know there's one person in the GTVA who'll stick up for us.
Also, you can't get this ending on medium or below - you can do nothing and it still survives.

Let's meet the Moloch and Pegasus

In the demo of FS2, most ships have an abridged description in the tech room. But then there's the Moloch:

FS2 Demo Tech Room Description posted:

This big Shivan Mama is loaded with turrety goodness. Moloch is the name of another larger form of Aeshma, a many armed, many weaponed Indian goddess.

Perhaps it's an odd thing to do, but I find in my descriptions I rate friendly craft on how useful/powerful they are, but enemy craft on how memorable they are. The Moloch fails in this category. It's large enough that it's rarely used, but not made to stand out in the story like the Ravana. It does have one neat thing, which is a giant eyeball in the FS2O model, that makes the whole thing look like a spiny fish. Unfortunately, it's just a blob turret, where it really should have been made the main beam.

The Pegasus, thankfully, actually works as a stealth fighter, unlike a lot of features that seem only half thought out, like the TAG system. It is fast, agile, and not only hard to hit, but actually can't be targeted, at least in certain circumstances. I think a hostile AWACS undoes this effect. This is all speaking from more of a multiplayer/custom campaign angle though, because there's only one main campaign mission you can use the Pegasus. The tradeoff is very light armor, and a small loadout. Its main downfall is the same as most niche ships/weapons in FreeSpace: the all-arounders are just too good.