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Part 22: 21 - A Monster in the Mist

Let's play A Monster in the Mist

How come I don't get to fly through soothing purple nebulae? Nope, back to the green mess for Alpha 1.

Movie, Briefing, & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Vasudan menu, Ptah, Setekh, and Sathanas!

Just as transferring to the Bastion changed the menu screen in FS1, there's a new menu for the Vasudan arc in FS2.

Today's ship, the Ptah...

Sure doesn't look like a stealth ship compared to the "razor-thin profile" of the Terran equivalent. But it keeps us alive through this mission, the only time when there's ever a reason to use it. Its agility is just plain fun to dart around with.

Last time I missed covering the Setekh, so here it is now.

No different in function than the Terran AWACS. But like the Vasudan gas miner, it knows how to look cool: spinning.

Finally, after all that Sathanas-scanning, I bet we've got a lot of information on it.