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Part 23: 22 - Speaking in Tongues

Let's play Speaking in Tongues

Remember this?

I posted:

How come I don't get to fly through soothing purple nebulae? Nope, back to the green mess for Alpha 1.

Today: purple nebula!

Briefing & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Hermes, Seth, TAG-B, and TAG-C?

Escape pods are not fun to defend the few times you have to. Also, have it uncropped since it fits in one screen, and I dunno if I have yet shown the full tech screen in FS2.

Today's random Vasudan ship of choice. As usual, let's turn to the wiki's veteran comments:

wiki posted:

One of the most balanced and, dare I say it, sexiest fighters.
Anyway... its main problem is the very small missile banks for a ship of its type, but not bad overall.

Advantages over -A: aspect lock.
Disadvantages: very bad aspect lock. Even with the firing delay on the -As, being dumbfire makes it much easier to get at least one hit in, which is all you need.
Either way, we've pretty much exhausted all the fun with TAG there is. Originally, a -C was planned, but it never shows up in the campaign. Block quote about that:

wiki posted:

It is unofficially confirmed that the TAG-C is part of the infamous "Subspace Missile Strike" or SSM, serving as the trigger and target point for the missiles to converge upon. The TAG-C was supposed to paint a single enemy, much like the TAG-A and TAG-B, but would summon an unavoidable barrage of heavy missile fire from subspace. This feature, although never used in the final iteration of retail FS2, is nonetheless still present in retail tables, albeit disabled. Bobboau was the first person on HLP to "unlock" the use of this weapon back in 2002. However, the concept of SSMs is still relatively unheard of, and only recently has begun seeing a negligible increase in the number of people interested in figuring out how it works.

Next time: Gamma Draconis is in trouble.