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Part 24: 23 - The Flaming Sword

Let's play The Flaming Sword

GTVA Command: We place our bombs outside the range of their targets. We're just that awesome.

Briefing & Level
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Let's meet the Knossos, Thoth, and Meson Bomb!

Then it blew up. In theory, using a new Knossos to rebuild a path to Earth would have been a major part of FS3, except it never was made. Instead, it is the subject of pretty much every user-made campaign ever.

Another Vasudan ship without anything that really stands out. It's only got a single gun and missile bank, though it does hold a lot of missiles. Average.

This is all the info you can get on the Meson, just about its housing. Not sure why. At any rate, the bomb explodes like every other bomb, which is a little disappointing visually. At least in FSO, I think they should have coded it as multiple bombs at multiple angles, so it would explode in several directions. Not that there's any good reason for it to, since the Knossos is practically flat also, but clearly efficiency is not important to Command.