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Part 25: 24 - Bearbaiting!

Let's play Bearbaiting!

In which I do good work:

Briefing & Level
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Let's meet the Mekhu, Trebuchet, Helios, and Demon!

The Mekhu is basically the Subach, but for Vasudan ships. It is slightly faster, and slightly weaker. And I have this feeling like I already wrote this before, but it's been a month here, so I have no memory what I'm doing.

The Trebuchet is an amazing missile, because you can pretty much shoot it at any ship you can see, and it will die. Range is something like 4000-5000m, and two of them will kill any fighter or bomber I can think of - and they lock on perfectly as long as you're at least 1000m away. Here's a random interesting fact about them:

wiki posted:

Despite being one of the most effective anti-bomber/anti-turret weapons in the game, the AI is incapable of firing the Trebuchet. This is because of the combination of the "bomber+" flag and the "huge" flag in the table files. The first restricts the AI to firing the missile only at bombs and bombers, while the second prevents the AI from using it against smaller ships. Since these two types of targets are mutually exclusive, there are no valid targets at which the AI can fire the Trebuchet at. If you wish for AI to use Trebuchets in a mission, use the good-secondary-time SEXP.

It's a bomb.

Just as the Demon is, overall, so little used I forget about it, so is its part in this level vastly overshadowed and seems like an odd afterthought to extend the length.