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Part 26: 25 - High Noon!

Let's play High Noon!

In which there is an explosion.

Briefing & Level
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Let's meet the Bakha, Colossus, and Vasudans

Here's a fun Bakha fact:

wiki posted:

Strangely, the table file for the Bakha has it as being able to carry Helios as a primary weapon. This is likely an error on the part of whoever tabled the Bakha though, and as a result, the Bakha is technically incapable of carrying Helios warheads. It does mount Helios in Bearbaiting and High Noon, but the loadout is forced by the Scramble setting for the mission.

The Colossus is really big and looks like a gun. It ought to vastly overpower every other ship, given its five billion beam turrets, compared to the Sathanas' four (and all on one side), but because it has them spread out so much, and it doesn't cheat by firing through itself, only a few are ever in use at once. It is also very hard to get near when it decides to rotate, as seen in this video, and explained in way too much detail on the wiki:

wiki posted:

The Colossus model is infamous for its low moment-of-inertia value, which causes it to swing around like a baseball bat during tight turns. Humans at the far end of the Colossus would experience over 20 G's during one of these swings. It's possible that the crew is kept close to the center-of-mass of the ship to ease this problem. Considering that the Colossus is stated to have a crew of 30,000 while an American supercarrier has less than 1/20th the volume of the juggernaut and has a crew of 5,000. This is explained by the fact that only a certain fraction of the hull is actively "inhabited" by crewmen - watch the Colossus cutscene for more info.