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Part 27: 26 - Return to Babel

Let's play Return to Babel

Important steps in producing an LP:
1. Play & record game - check (like 5 months ago)
2. Edit & upload video - check (a week ago)
2.5 Update your editing software, spend hours figuring out why they ruined everything and your video freezes every 5 seconds, and just end up going back to the old one - check
3. Tell the thread there's a new video - OOPS

Movie & Briefing & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Serapis, Prometheus S, Shivans, and Ancients!

Getting towards the end, so it's "Oh God there's a ton of entries left, stuff them all in!" time.

The wiki posted:

"Some Terran pilots who've been privileged enough to fly it claim to prefer it to any Terran fighter." This is because they're idiots.

Like most Vasudan ships, it's faster and more fragile than Terran equivalents. Most other comments on the wiki agree, it's too weak to be much good.

The S is basically supposed to be the Prometheus from FS1, and it's just as good - though with no Avenger in this game, it's actually more useful. It's basically one of only 4 guns I would ever choose, the first being the Subach/Mekhu, and the 3rd and 4th not yet available. Whether it's better than the Subach or those later ones is somewhat subjective - it's basically in the middle: average damage for average energy use, at average speed, while the others tip more in one way or the other.

Shivans are jerks. No one knows why, no one ever will, 'cause there's no FS3. Sorry.

The Ancients were an ancient race (shocking) who had all sorts of cool things, then mysteriously disappeared, just like every other race called Ancients in every other piece of Sci-Fi ever.