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Part 33: 31 - Exodus

Let's play Exodus

Remember how I promised to include some bonus files from my special edition of the game? I sure didn't. Yeah, I kinda dropped the ball on that, other than the .txt about the music and a few audio clips. Well, there isn't a ton of other great stuff, but now that I remember, I'm getting back to that. To start, here are three desktop pics included on the CD:

Yeah, 1280 by 1024 was pretty awesome back when this game came out. The CD had them as 3.5mb bitmaps, so if anyone really wants the originals for some reason, let me know?

Briefings & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Aten, Mentu, Sobek, and Hippocrates!

These two Vasudan cruisers are really lightweight. They die fast, and if you come at them from the flat side, they're easy to hit. The Mentu has a lot of weapons on top though, so approach from the bottom. The Aten's the opposite, though so weak it doesn't matter much.

The Sobek is the Vasudan equivalent to the Deimos. Big and strong, and better looking too. Its weapons are grouped in the front, so it's good in a head-on fight but lacks rear defense.

The Hippocrates is a medical ship, efficiently designed with 10-mile long hallways between major areas and a gaping empty space in the middle. At least the description justifies this somewhat.