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Part 34: 32 - Dunkerque!

Let's play Dunkerque!

Earned every medal the military puts out by the time I'm a Lieutenant.
(Missing are the ranks, triple ace, which is kill count, and the wings 'cause I skipped training).

Hey, if you don't normally read the thread or the "meet" section, at least check out the bottom of this post for a special link!

Briefings & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Leviathan, Medusa, Elysium, Arcadia and Ares!

Don't know how these two haven't been shown yet, but I'm sure I've discussed them enough at some point:

And featured in today's episode...


The only model of space station in existence!

And the feature presentation, the Ares!

If I haven't explained why some pics aren't from in game, some ships just never showed up in the database for me. They must exist, 'cause there's the description, so who knows. That may be why I never saw the reason behind "potato" until now.
You might not realize it's based on the Herc II without this description either, as the resemblance is only clear from a side view.

This is not the ship you want for fighting in, especially on harder difficulties. But on long-range levels like this one, it can't be beat. It's excellent at taking out light cruisers too with the Maxim.

Special bonus by sheer luck!

Just yesterday, Gameinformer posted an hour-long documentary about Volition. It's shown in 4 parts (last two under an age gate) on this site:

I haven't watched it all yet, but I found they discuss FreeSpace in the second video, starting a few minutes in. I didn't see any spoilers in a quick check, but I can't promise there aren't. Either way, something to check out or bookmark for after the LP if you don't know the ending.