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Part 35: 33 - Their Finest Hour!

Let's play Their Finest Hour!

Once you get Shivans in your sun, there's no getting them out.

Oh, do try to watch this one in HD. I get an EMP in the face during story dialogue, but you can still read most of it in the text at higher resolution.

Briefings & Level
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

Let's meet the Azrael, Belial, Lilith, and Seraphim!

Dragging the bottom of the database barrel here. Not much to say for these guys.

"Far deadlier than a Cain" is not high praise.

The Seraphim is one of the strongest enemy bombers. They can carry the heaviest bombs, and, according to the wiki, can survive dual Trebs. I'm not so sure about that one, probably on a higher difficulty than me.

There are just two episodes left! And, due to an upcoming life event precluding me from making episodes during that period, I'm going to get them done in advance and produce both within the week! Expect #34 to be posted Thursday or Friday, and the final show mid-next week.