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Part 36: 34 - Clash of the Titans II!

Let's play Clash of the Titans II!

Just pretend it's 1999 and this cutscene looks amazing compared to the game, instead of 2011 and it looks worse.

Long level plus bonus material today.

Briefing, Level, Cutscene & Bonus!
Viddler | Polsy | YouTube HD | Download .mp4

I do say that's the only cheat that does anything interesting. There's also typing "vasudanswuvfishes" when on the Vasudan main menu to spawn fish on the screen. I can't get back to show that off though without replaying a campaign to that point.

Let's meet the Ankh, Edjo, Hatshepsut and Ra!

Vasudans don't understand turrets. This thing never even appears in the main campaign, though it does show up in Templar.

The Hatshepsut is a very strong destroyer, better overall than any Terran model. It's got ample strong turrets in every direction (because Vasudans understand turrets), other than having only one beam that can aim straight forward.

Kinda looks like a scarab, which fits the Terran-imposed Egyptian theme by some "coincidence".

Next time: the conclusion.

In regards to desired extra shots from the last mission: between the time of the level recordings and now, I had an HD die. All the recordings were backed up, obviously, but I no longer have the FS2 save file. So I can't go back to a late level to get another look at those things. Sorry.
Nevermind, it happened like two posts later.