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Original Thread: All Bow Down to Hypno-Bot! Let's Play Front Mission Evolved



Also, Feel Free To BUILD YOUR OWN WANZER And Laugh As I Flail About In It

Front Mission What?
Front Mission Evolved is a spin off from the popular tactical combat series Front Mission. Released in 2010 and designed by Square Enix and Double Helix, the game boasts an interesting customization system, fast paced gun battles against overwhelming forces, and the occasional sortie outside your Wanzer (Short for WanderPanzer or walking armour) in third person shooter sections. Unlike the rest of the series, Front Mission Evolved is a third person action game in the same vein as the Armoured Core series which has many of the same features.

Sweet! So you must like the game then?
Erm... well unlike Armoured Core the game is... sadly it feels like a complete mess, mostly thanks to its batshit crazy story, but we'll find out about that in due course. From a gameplay standpoint, the game has potential. But once I'd finished the game, I felt insulted.

Ooookay... Anything else we should know?
A few things, first this game has multiplayer and I intend to explore that side of it later into the game. If any of you wants to get involved with that (God help you) Then hit me up on Steam ( and we'll figure something out. Hell, if enough people are interested I'll make a group for it. Otherwise myself and Arthur D Wolfe will be going head to head in one on one matches.

It's worth noting as well, that I'm approaching this from the angle of someone who's never played any of the tactical games before. However, I will be trying for a 100% run of this game, collecting all the sensors, emblems and various other junk that they leave lying around for you. This may take time and my update schedule may be erratic.

Wait, if you don't know anything about the series, why should we listen to you? I need my trivia and reference fix!
Because Arthur D Wolfe, who does know about the series will be providing that trivia and extra information. You can find links to his posts below in the info post.

Sounds reasonable. Any Thread Participation?
Well if you're up for it, suggest a wanzer build and I'll take it for a spin, either online or in a mission. Or I'll run a previous mission with it. But that's the best I got.

Can we talk about things we haven't seen yet?
'fraid not. Do not spoil anything. I might have played through this game before, but others haven't. Please don't spoil what little plot there is to this game. Games that came before it in the series are fair game however. Thank you.


In case you're interested, a few of the previous games have been let's played. They can be found here in the archive, but here's some links anyway.

Front Mission by Bob Smith
Front Mission 3 by Smasher Dynamo
Front Mission: Gun Hazard by Opendork


So join me friends as we delve into this insanity.


Polsy Polsy
Polsy Polsy
Polsy Polsy
Polsy Polsy
Polsy Polsy
Polsy Polsy
Polsy Polsy


Polsy - takes place between the Boss Fight - Marcus Seligman and the Percival's Fall vidoes
Polsy - An alternate take on the Warhero mission, featuring kung fu master Rylan Damsy.
Polsy - The last of the senors. 100% complete.
Tin Tim gifts us with the cliff notes of Gloria
Tin Tim shows a common reaction to the games plot
Tin Tim also shows a more common reaction to my Wanzer colouring decisions.
Hhwoot reaveals Cornelius' terrible secret
More of Hhwoot's insider knowledge into Werner's devious bullshit powers

A look into the mind of our main cast, once again kindly gifted to us by Hhwoot.

hhwoot posted:

: Looks like I got out just in time.

: Hey buuuuddy, don't forget about me. I too, died like a true hero.

: Shut the FUCK up! This whole thing is your goddamn fault! Wouldn't surprise me a bit if Cornelius turned out to be your long lost son or some shit!

Never forget, by Tin Tim

The aftermath of Steps of Trinity, by hhwoot


(Clicking their portrait will take you to a larger full body image of them. Enjoy!)

Dylan Ramsey

An engineer working for Diable Avionics, the largest Wanzer construction and design company in the USN (United States of the New Continent) who seem to have only assigned two people to work on their super special new prototype. I can only assume this is because they're ass retarded and don't check on their staff. That's the only way I can see Dylan getting away with installing a AI which can hack into military databases into his Wanzer.

Dylan is cocky, hot headed, incredibly bland and doesn't seem to get that his actions have consequences. I hate him so much I want to puke.

Amy Kohen

She exists? The other engineer working on the same project as Dylan. She seems the more responsible of the two, as well as being more gifted in the field of engineering. For some reason she seems to care about Dylan. I suspect they may have been childhood friends, although I have no evidence to back this up. Amy makes her second appearance after we liberate Fort Mondis and is understandably pissed that her friend went on a robot themed killing spree. Now seems to want to aid him in that, I get the sense she's about an inch from pulling a razor and going to town on Dylan's face. May be a super villain.

Adella Seawell

A sergeant in the U.S.N army, 72nd mobile division. From our first meeting with her it seems she's a bitchy feisty girl who don't take no shit from anyone and is clearly supposed to be a love interest. How they will manage this in a game where no one has more than one character trait remains to be seen.

Oh wait, no they throw that out the window and take all her badass points and put them into psychologically damaged woman in need of rescuing. Classy.

Captain Russell Hamilton

The only other member of the 72nd mobile division and Adella's immediate superior. Seems to have a sense of humour which raises him pretty high on my likeability scale. Also has magic cut scene ninja powers while in a Wanzer. Expect him to lose these at the first convenient opportunity (As soon as the cutscene ends). His Wanzer of choice is a Grapple.

Died performing a totally sweet body slam on Cornelius Werner. RIP you coffee drinking SOB, RIP.

Marcus Seligman

The leader of "the most dangerous mercenary group" in the world Apollo's Chariot, which is why a mechanic with one of the worst Wanzer configurations in the game beats him easily. Apparently he was employed by someone to attack the NSRL (National Strategy Research Laboratory) so maybe he's just a construction worker with a flair for eccentric wrecking ball machines? Only time will tell.

Lieutenant Yung-Tae-Hwang

A member of a Da Hah Zhong special ops unit which apparently took out a squad of our units (Although I reckoned the helicopter just crashed and they decided to have a bit of a nosy) He likes to quote Sun Tzu's Art of War to make himself sound like he knows what he's doing (he doesn't ) Sneers a lot. Works with his partner Lieutenant Jed Gordon although it's hard to say who runs the unit since they're both the same rank.

Lieutenant Jed Taylor Gordon

A member of the same special ops unit as Yung. Since he gives the orders I reckon he commands the squad although that just could be because Yung is too busy sneering to get any work done. He likes to operate with a sense of honour and is generally a pretty cool guy just for that. Plus he's Australian so I imagine he's gone into battle hammered many a time. Likes to get stuck in to the fighting since he faces us on the ground while Yung snipes at us. He, likes everyone else apart from Dylan, has special bullshit ninja powers which allow him to jump absurdly high while in a Wanzer.

Godwin "Moses" Mosley

A high ranking officer in the USN army. Apparently Hamilton knows of him and respects him greatly. He also seems to know us for some reason (Probably because Diable Avionics put a hit out on Dylan for theft of company property and deserting his post.). He's not afraid to get involved in a fight either, taking up a machine gun to help fight off attackers at Fort Mondis.

Breasts Gloria Leguizamo

The second member of Apollo's Chariot. Must have terrible back problems due to how she sits in a Wanzer. Seems to also enjoy wearing clothes too small for her. She might be the star of a internet webcam show being filmed from her cockpit. We'll never know...

Cornelius Werner... Jesus!

The guy employing Apollo's Chariot to do... whatever it is they're doing (trolling us?) Seems to know Adella from somewhere and the mere sight of which seems to sap her of all usefulness. Also knows about the E.D.G.E. system. Whenever I see him I think this is what Scar from the Lion King would look like as a human. My favourite character in the game for being completely batshit crazy.

Has cooky mind control powers and is also a necromancer. Who knew you could do all that by boosting your reflexes? Truly, DEX is the greatest of stats.

Pia Simmons

(upskirt shot, classy Mr. Artist Man.)

I... don't know? Possibly a music student who went into mercenary work to pay her uni fees? Her gimmick seems to be explosions and how she's making a song with a bunch of screams and explosions in it? Probably into Death Metal. I don't think she looks anything like what her concept art is in game. I'm fairly certain she doesn't have a skirt, but apparently the artist wanted some upskirt shot or something?

Megan Chamberlain

Vikings of the future Prays to the Valkyries before legitimately wrecking your shit with gatling guns. Probably the scariest member of Apollos Chariot to date since she's actually dangerous. Watch out for her near instant death gatling gun attack. Possibly a member of the same church as Adella? Why'd they luck out and get the badass one?

Alan Ramsy. Papa Ramsy. The Ramsinator

Dylan Ramsy's father and the creator of Edge. The stereotypical good intentions scientist who just happened to have made a machine that can make robot zombies. Oops! The actor seems to be having trouble following the script, considering how long it take him to say each line. dies wihin like five minutes of meeting us. So long you well established character you
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