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Front Mission

by Bob Smith

Part 17: The Great Train Robbery

Twenty-four minutes to loot a train and secure the area around it. It was going to be tight.

Not much to say. We rushed down the cliffside with burners blazing, firing missiles at anything that appeared on the radar before crashing into their lines like a semi with it's brakes cut.










And there ends the most hectic half-hour of my life. Thirty minutes from planting the bombs to evacuating the blast area exactly. And Prisomea Industries parts were good stuff too.

What the hell did he mean? We'd made perfect time!

I didn't recognise this one. He was either from another unit or a new promotion. My money was on the latter.

I wanted to make a quip about why he wasn't in a mech suit too, but it didn't seem the right time.

Keith had a point. He looked like a reject from the next fucking Bill and Ted movie.

He basically just told us how awesome we were, and that we were going to attack the USN staging base at Fort Monus. It was a cliff fortress guarded by naval gun emplacements. It would prove to be fun.

Essentially the army would set up a forward base and we'd run the gauntlet to bring down the guns. A bloody stupid plan, if you ask me. All we needed was a couple of tactical nukes and the place would be a non-issue.

We weren't all that enthusiastic, I'll have you know.

I stayed close, listening. It seemed interesting, to say the least.

My heart sank at this. She was fucking useless.


Unless she learnt to pilot, that was a lie.