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Part 1: Sins of the Fathers 1: 2 Awesome Characters!

Part 1: 2 Awesome Characters!
So there’s an introductory scene which is full of weird imagery like a woman turning into a jaguar, which I can only assume is Gabriel’s recurring nightmare considering he wakes up in a cold sweat at the end.

He then stumbles out into the bookstore proper to get some coffee.

“It lives, I see. Do you want to speak with ‘Lolita’?”

And suddenly this game takes a very weird turn. Man, that was fucking quick. Gabriel shakes his head.

“I’m sorry, but Gabriel is a lout! Oh! I mean he’s out. Yeah, if he ever comes back I’ll tell him. You know, you could do better. I know I don’t know you, but…you could do better.” *click* “Good morning! The phone’s been ringing off the hook. Let me know when you want your messages.”


“Gee! You’re lively! Did you have another nightmare last night?”

“Sort of.”

“Mmmhmm. I told you, it’s that Voodoo book you’re researching. That stuff can seriously screw up your karma.”

“I’m sure that’s it. Maybe I should write a horror novel on passive resistance instead.”

“Don’t sleep then, it’s your body.”

If you can’t tell, Grace is fucking awesome. She tells Gabriel that his new tape recorder arrived today, and comments that she “can’t wait to see what human rights you violate today”.

“I can’t wait to violate them. For example, if you would just let me…”

Gabriel is also fucking awesome. Grace then tells Gabriel that she located 2 local resources on Voodoo in the French Quarter. Now, it is worth noting that as stated in the OP, Grace is played by Leah Remini, who you might know better as the hot wife on King of Queens and a crazy Scientologist. Now, normally, I would just start ripping into her for the latter fact, however she recently left the Cult of Hubbard which takes a lot of guts, so she gets a pass.

So the top tools include a few different commands: WALK, LOOK, TAKE, OPEN, MOVE, OPERATE, TALK and ASK. TALK and ASK are actually totally different commands for a specific reason: Major characters can have ASK used on them to open an “Interrogation Scene” where you can ask about various topics, while TALK can be used on nearly anyone for general chit-chat and clues.
So from here, we can either explore all the local sights we know about in the French Quarter, or explore the store a bit. On the table below Gabriel, there’s a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers we can take, and we can check out the local news.

“Hmmph. Right.”

Oh, the game comes with a narrator for when you look at items, however seeing as that the narrator is a much more annoying version of Miss Cleo crossed with the Voodoo witch from Zombie Nightmare, we’re gonna turn that shit off now.

Oh, the adorable painting of a snake and skull above Grace was apparently painted by Gabriel’s father.

“What a wacky, off-beat kinda guy Daddy was.”
Well, let’s interrogate Grace for a bit, which you can watch here. The important stuff is in his messages: Gabriel’s Grandmother called asking him to come over and go through his father’s things, that a man named Wolfgang Ritter called from Germany asking for Gabriel to call him back ASAP…

“Call Germany? Like hell. If it’s really important, he’ll call back.”
And finally, Detective Mosely called to tell him that he left some photos for Gabriel at the front desk of the police station. It seems that Gabriel has promised him a starring role in his Voodoo book in exchange for the inside dirt on the Voodoo Murders investigation. Despite the fact that the main character is a female orthodontist. There’s no point in asking Grace to research anything because we have nothing for her. Oh, and there’s a coupon for the store in the cash register, so we take that too.

Oh, this is Bruno, an ancillary character. He’s very interested in the painting and apparently comes by often to try to buy it. Naturally, we tell him to kiss off.

So this is the map screen. From here, we can explore the French Quarter or greater New Orleans. Gabriel’s grandmother is in Greater New Orleans, but let’s go to the police station and grab those photos.

And here we are. Just after Gabriel arrives, a cart selling beignets arrives, and the game stops dead for a few moments while the cops place orders. Strangely, this doesn’t bug me, it makes the game feel more alive. In order to get the photos, we need to interrogate the desk sergeant. Over the course of questioning, we find out that there’s been another Voodoo Murder, but he refuses to say where the crime scene is.

The first photo Mosely left for Gabriel is of one of the previous murder victims. Apparently, the MO involves ripping out the victim’s heart Temple of Doom style. Yuck.

And the second photo is a photo of Mosely graduating from the academy. Remember, this guy is Gabriel’s friend. And in that case, I’d hate to see what Gabriel does to people who piss him off.

Well, that seems as good a place as any to wrap it up for now, next time we’ll go over meadow and through the woods, to Grandma’s house we go!