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Original Thread: Why Yes, I *Am* Southern Tim Curry! LP The Gabriel Knight Series!



Okay friends and readers, continuing my marathon of early-to-mid 90’s horror games, we’ve moved to something that I started playing halfway through The 7th Guest, The Gabriel Knight saga!

Who is Gabriel Knight?
Gabriel Knight is a fellow from New Orleans (N’awlins) who owns the St. George’s Rare Book Store, and writes. He also has a family legacy to live up to as a defender of mankind from the monsters that live just beyond the veil. He’s assisted by Grace Nakimura, a college student who barely tolerates him (at least as far as I’ve played so far) and does research on various topics that Gabriel needs, and is semi-assisted by his childhood friend Police Detective Franklin “Mostly” Mosely, who also barely tolerates him.

I’ve heard of this game, why is it a big deal?
First and foremost, it’s probably one of the best point-and-clicks that Sierra ever put out. The writing sis tight and all the major characters are extremely well-developed. And on that note, the characters…oh man, the characters. All the major characters in the first game are played by pretty big names. Names like Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, Michael Dorn, Jim Cummings, and Leah Remini. Yeah, that’s right, we get Cajun Tim Curry, and it is fucking awesome.

How Can I Follow Along?
Big surprise, carries all three games which you can get for the bargain price of about fifteen bucks. So you got that going for you. Be warned, some of the puzzles are fiendish. And we will be doing the LP in order of release, so we’ll start with Sins of the Fathers, moving on to The Beast Within, and concluding in Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. Needless to say, until the LP reaches each game, DO NOT DISCUSS ANY CONTENT IN LATER GAMES.

With The Beast Within and Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned, I'm going into those blind, and may require the occasional hint. My Hint Policy is thus: Only if I ask...UNLESS I'm gonna get fucked beyond repair by missing something early on, which'll mean I'll have to start over and the whole LP will end up delayed while I start a new game.

CAST OF CHARACTERS – Sins of the Fathers
(Will be updated as we introduce each new character.)
Gabriel Knight – Played by Tim Curry
As stated before, Gabriel is a writer who owns a bookstore, and is currently working on a book regarding a series of murders in New Orleans that has Voodoo overtones. He’s been plagued by strange nightmares his whole life which have left his sleep so disturbed that he’s a total caffeine addict. He’s a shameless flirt which annoys his assistant to no end. By the end of the game he has inherited the legacy position of Schattenjager, defeated the Voodoo cult, and taken about a million bucks in dirty money to fix up the family estate.

Grace Nakimura – Played by Leah Remini
Grace Nakimura (a Japanese-American played by an Italian-American, yeah that’s kinda weird), has taken a break from achieving her doctorate in an Ivy League college, came to N’awlins, and has by her own description, fallen in love with the rich history of the area, and took a job at the St. George’s Rare Book Store out of a sense of adventure. She’s kind of snarky and sarcastic to Gabriel, but cares about him at the same time. By the end of the game, she's put her Ph.D on hold in order to assist Gabriel in his new role as Schattenjager.

Detective Frank Mosely - Played by Mark Hamill
Frank Mosely and Gabriel have been friends since childhood. Mosely is a good cop in a city full of dirty ones, despite being a bit lazy. Also, he tolerates a lot of shit from Gabriel, fully losing his temper only once with him in the whole game. By the end of the game, his credit card has been maxed out, but he did take down one of the big bads in the process.

Dr. John - Played by Michael Dorn
Owner/Operator of the Voodoo Museum in the French Quarter, Dr. John is a veritable fountain of information on Voodoo both historical and current. He is also a massive person, standing at least a foot taller than Gabriel. Originally from the West Indies, he came to New Orleans for...very vague reasons which probably have to do with his study of Voodoo. And a filthy p’takh to boot. Shot dead by Mosely during the climax of the game.

Malia Gedde - Played by Leilani Jones
One of the hoi polloi of NOLA, Malia is the beautiful and mysterious High Priestess of the Voodoo Cartel. However, she seems to be possessed by a spirit named Tetelo, an ancestor of hers, who's calling the shots now, ordering the sacrifices and orchestrating the plot. At the end of the game, she throws herself into a lake of fire beneath New Orleans to stop Tetelo forever.

Uncle Wolfgang - Played by Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Gabriel's Great-Uncle and last of the Schattenjägers. He's been trying to warn Gabriel of the threat posed by the Voodoo cartel for about a week, but it really took Gabriel almost being killed by them to take it seriously. In the process of liberating the Schattenjäger Talisman, he tore out his own heart.

Magentia Moonbeam - Played by Nancy Lenehan
Magentia Moonbeam is a local Voodooienne...who moved to New Orleans from Kansas some time ago, then became involved with the religion. She owns a python named Grimwald who she named after one of her spirit Egyptian priestess. Everything about this woman just raises more questions. Probably has nothing to do with the Voodoo Murders.

Grandma Knight - Played by Linda Gary
Grandma Knight is a sweet old lady who knits baby sweaters for her church and thinks the world of Gabriel. She's not the most developed character, but she does provide important information regarding Gabriel's family.

Willy Walker - Played by Rocky Carroll
Owner/Operator of the Dixieland Drug Store, a "novelty shop" in the French Quarter that sells Voodoo-related items. From him, Gabriel learns the phrase cabrit sans cor', although not its meaning. A very mysterious character who seems to know more than he lets on.

Professor Hartridge - Played by Monte Markham
A religious professor at Tulane University, Hartridge specializes in African Voudoun. By his own admission, he's 35, heterosexual...wait, why does that matter? Weirdo. Killed by the Voodoo cult for researching them on behalf of Gabriel.

Gerde - Played by Mary Kay Bergman
Uncle Wolfgang's maid or something. I suspect they just fuck like animals.

Crash - Played by Chris Lytton
Local petty criminal who is actually one of the keys to unravelling the mystery of the Voodoo Murders, he is murdered by the cult after being brought in for questioning by Mosely.

Madame Cazanoux - Played by Susan Silo
A regular customer of the Dixieland Drug Store, and member of the Creole Grand Dames. A devout Catholic who isn't afraid to dabble in a little Voodoo in the name of petty revenge.

Stonewall King - Played by Monte Markham
Bartender of Napoleon House. Not much to say really, he tends bar, and looks like Paul F. Tompkins. *shrug*

Toussaint Gervais - Played by Dorian Harewood
Groundskeeper/Watchman of St. Louis Cemetery #1. Not a lot of backstory for him, his only real purpose in the game is a little bit of exposition.

Father Maclaughlin - Played by Gabriel Knight
'tis a foine bit of the auld soil me bucko!


Gabriel Knight - Played by Not-Tim Curry
Now residing in Schloss Ritter following the events of GK1, he's working on his next novel while periodically hitting his typewriter.

Grace Nakimura
Left behind to tidy up Gabriel's NOLA (business) affairs, Grace travels to Rittersburg to kick his ass for leaving her behind.

Uncle Wolfgang's live-in housekeeper and probable lover, now Gabriel's housekeeper and I really don't want to think about Gabriel and Wolfgang being Eskimo Brothers.

Werner Huber
Local townsperson who asks Gabriel for help in investigating the possible werewolf attacks.

Herr Doctor Klingmann
Head of the Mammals Department at the Munich Zoo, he has an unhealthy fascination with wolves and really, really shitty pseudoscience. He's probably either the bad guy, or heavily involved.

Baron Von Glower
Owner of the Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge and not suspicious at all, nope.

Baron Von Zell
Member of the Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge, Banker, and probably the killer.

Kommissar Leber

Harald "Harry" Übergrau
Junior partner/grandson of the senior partner of the law firm that represents the Ritter/Knight assets. Freely admits that he's a big fan of Gabriel's books, and wants to help out with his investigation of the Mutilation Killings case.

Michael Hessel
Researcher at the University of Munich's Biology Department. Kind of a perv.

So let’s sit back, enjoy some Cajun Pan-Blackened Tim Curry, and see where this series takes us!

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Sins of the Fathers

The Beast Within

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