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Part 24: Beast Within 3: WHAT.

Part Three: WHAT.

Ok, so going directly to the precinct got us nowhere fast. So this time, I think Gabriel will try the zoo that the “wolves” “escaped” from. So, Thalkirchen it is then.

Okay, what’s this guy’s deal?

So he wanders into an enclosure and starts scattering…seeds? What?

NO YOU IDIOT, YOU’RE GROWING MORE OF THEM!!! But seriously, something looks really…off…about that wolf. And I don’t mean “human eyes”, I mean that it’s legs look waaaay out of proportion or something. Weird.

And then he leaves, and Gabriel’s here now. So we can check the sign in front of us.

Doctor House, do you have an opinion on this?

Thank you, Doctor. Well, let’s have a look at these wolves.

Dawwww. I’m having The Littlest Hobo flashbacks, and if you don’t know that show, you do not have a soul. Ooh, I can click on one of them, let’s see what happens….

Uh, Gabe, what was your plan if it did come over to the cyclone fence? And for that matter, isn’t that fence just a wee bit on the low side? My parents’ German Shepherd could jump that easily. (Well, after plowing into it a few times. She’s a good dog, just dumb as a sack of hammers.)

After trying to interrogate the wolves or whatever the fuck Gabriel was trying to do, the Zoo worker comes back, which means it’s Interrogation Time! So unlike GK1 where there were different ways to talk to people we encounter, GK2 just pares it down to simple clicks….and I’m going to be honest, I prefer the other way. Maybe some people prefer the streamlined interface, but I’m not one of ‘em.

So anyway, the worker’s name is Thomas, and he doesn’t think the escaped wolves (Hilda and Parzival) could’ve killed anyone. He does explain that they escaped during the night shift and that the worker who was in charge has been fired. He personally always found Hilda to be extremely playful, not violent at all. And then Gabriel gets a description of the wolves which baffles me to no end. At least he didn’t try to make a composite sketch at least. At the end, he points us towards the head of Mammals, Doctor Klingmann, so I guess we’re off to see him next.

And the good Doctor…sorry, Herr Doctor, as he insists upon being called, has just a mild fascination with wolves. He’s got a bigass poster behind him, numerous photos on the walls, and a wolf skull on his desk. And things get plenty weirder from there.

Gabriel asks if he can ask him a few questions, and Herr Doctor agrees. Over the course of the interrogation, he makes repeated reference to the “purity of nature”, and how while none of his colleagues agree with his theories, “there are others who do”.

GEE, I WONDER IF HE’S ONE OF THE BAD GUYS???? Fuck, at least Dr. John was kind of ambiguous at first. (Seriously, I thought the guy at the Drug Store was more involved. Plus, you know, 20 years of watching TNG have taught me to root for Worf.) And then, he drops this little tidbit, which while, yes, it’s in the video, I had to transcribe for obvious reasons because WHAT. THE. FUCK???

“How does a wolf choose his victims?”
“…Have you ever heard of the Language of Death?”

“You may have heard that wolves choose the young, the old, the sick as prey. Until recently, many believed that this was a sort of natural selection.”

No, many believed that all animals are lazy and will go after the obviously easy target. But, please, continue.

“But now some of us are finding that it is much more complicated than that. We have observed a pack of wolves surrounding a sick moose cow. She was helpless, but she stood up and glared at her would-be killers. The wolves dispersed. Or a healthy bull who ran off when he sensed wolves, making himself an easy target for no apparent reason. Researchers now believe there is a kind of primal language going on. ‘I am Death,’ the wolf says. ‘Are you ready to go?’ And the victim, by its actions says ‘Yes, I am ready.’ Or, ‘No, you will not take me now.’ “

No, that’s not sufficient. David Tennant, help me out.

Nope, still not enough.


*ahem*…one moment…..WHAT THE FLYING BASTARD DONKEY FUCK KIND OF HALF-BAKED PSEUDO-BULLSHIT-SCIENCE WAS THAT?!? Oh god, that just made my brain and my balls hurt. Oh god. Oh dear sweet merciful god.

I can’t anymore after that. I just can’t. I have to go and ice my head.

Next time: Something far less stupid? Please?