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Part 41: Beast Within 20: Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet...We're Hunting Wycanthwopes.

Part Twenty: Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet...We're Hunting Wycanthwopes.
So where were we?

Oh right. Well, nothing’s changed in the upstairs, so let’s go back down.

Hey, someone started the fire up. Good, I hear those Bavarian nights can be chilly. One second.

Bavariiiiiaan Niiiiiights, like Bavariiiiaaaan daaaaaaaaaaaaays….

Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

Checking out the fireplace has Gabriel steal the matches, which will go well with our little oil lamp. Time for some more explorin’.

Oh come on, this was clearly daytime. Sierra, was it that fucking hard to do a day-for-night shot?? Let’s check the barn.

There’s either a horse whinnying, or Gabriel’s asthma is acting up.

At any rate, I’ll take those. To the right of the barn…

Well, that was a quick trip to the center of the woods. Let’s check out that bare patch to the right.

Orange-ish mud, and a bigass paw print. Von Zell’s been busy. Um, let’s go south.

Kaaaay. To the right?



*Phew* okay, we’re back. Try again, I guess?

Okay, after some more blind wandering, we’re at some sort of ravine. Gabriel just comments that he can’t cross it. Back to wandering.

Another dirt patch. Hmmm….

Orange clay, and a bigass pawprint.

Surrounding the pawprint are a bunch of thorns. Good thing we grabbed those clippers!

Gabriel attacks the thorns like Edward Scissorhands’ cousin with Parkinson’s.

Behind them, a cave.

Upon entering, Gabriel complains about an odor. There’s a smaller cave we can go in….

Now someone else complains about the smell. No, seriously, I don’t know who the fuck said it, but it wasn’t not-Tim Curry.

Well, we light the lamp and we can see…

Oh, shit.

Oh, double shit

Oh, Triple shit. Gabriel fucking bolts it.

Although he stops in the outer cave to blow chunks for a moment, and I can’t say I blame him. BACK TO THE LODGE! SAFETY IN NUMBERS!!!


Nowhere else to go, we turn to our “trusted” bro, Von Glower, and lead him to the cave. He checks it out, seeing the bodies…

but no sign of Von Zell.

Gabriel tells him that Von Zell is a werewolf and gives him the total info-dump on the plot….except assuming that Von Zell is the only werewolf, of course.

Von Glower…glowers. Really, there’s no other way to put it. And it turns out that he was fully aware that Gabriel was there looking for the Huber girl’s killer. How? Not a fucking clue.

But he tells Gabriel that they’ll hunt Von Zell tonight.

And naturally, when hunting a werewolf, you want to polish your rifle to a mirror sheen for….reasons.

Von Glower has loaned Gabriel a spare outfit which in his words “makes me feel like fucking Lord Byron”.

The horse disagrees.

Von Glower sets the plan, Gabriel is to stay close to him, and he’ll do the killin’, once they corner Von Zell at the ravine.

The horse calls Gabriel a pussy. No, really, it sounds like it.

Also, note that we’re apparently still in Von Glower’s bedroom apparently. Von Glower does…something.

And almost instantly, Gabriel loses sight of him.

However, Gabriel does at least remember the five pound magic charm he has to protect him from things like werewolves and spirits, and whips it out.

Good thing too, because there’s a ridiculous looking CGI wolf there!


The wolf slinks off.

But Gabriel makes a wrong turn.

And things don’t go too well.

FIRST DEATH SCREEN! In these games, that usually means that you’re on the home stretch of sorts.

So let’s try that again.

This time, we make it to the ravine.

But the wolf tackles Gabriel and the Talisman goes flying. He’s truly a tribute to his ancestors.

Von Glower shows up, but refuses to take the shot, tossing Gabriel the gun.

So, while making the dumbest face imaginable, Gabriel plugs the wolf center of mass.

But Gabriel’s got a little problem of his own now.

And enjoy this shot of naked Von Zell.

Von Glower helps Gabriel back to the lodge, while Von Zell’s ass winks obscenely at us.

NEXT TIME: Will Gabriel succumb to the loathsome lycanthropy? Will Grace observe the obfuscated opening that hides Wagner’s wolfy opera? Will I stop talking like the ’66 Batman narrator???