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Part 3: Sins of the Fathers 3: You Magnificent Bastard, I Read Your Book!

Part 3: You Magnificent Bastard, I Read Your Book!
So let’s go visit Mosely and see what he wants to contribute.

A nice little bit of characterization you see here is whenever Gabriel goes to visit Mosely, he always looks through the window before going in. It’s the little things, you know?

And here’s the man’s office…or massive clutter heap, it amounts to the same thing.

“Knight. Had a feeling you’d show up.”
“So, how you holding up?”
“Lousy. I hate crime scenes. People are sick fucks, you know that, Knight?”
“I’m starting to get that impression.”

Again, keep in mind that this was prior to Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, so hearing Luke Skywalker drop the only F-Bomb in the game was kind of strange for 1993. Anywho, time to interrogate Mosely!
Major highlights of the conversation include the revelation that there’s at least twenty people involved in each killing, that Mosely firmly believes that all the Voodoo stuff involved is actually faked based on some research he’s done, leopard fur of all things was found at one scene, and all the victims were out of towners. There’s also this little bit of dialogue:

“Remember how we used to play Monkey-in-the-Middle? Hah! We used to piss off our Senior year teacher, what was her name, Ms. McKelly? You’d act like you were gonna toss her an eraser or somethin’, and then throw it to me over her head. And we used to do it at your Gran’s, too, like with the remote when she wanted to watch her soaps?”
“Yup. And it was a great way to pick up women in the Library.” (How???)”Ah, those were the days!”

Believe it or not, that’s a bit of foreshadowing. I’m not kidding, this is actually a major plot point. Mosely also tells Gabriel that they’ve found similar markings to the ones we sketched at each of the other 6 murder scenes, and invites Gabriel to have a look at them.

So we talk to one of the cops outside, Officer Franks, who lets us look at them, on condition that we don’t leave with them or make any photocopies. Damn. Well, after glancing at them, we return the file to her desk. Buuuut, if you watched the video, you may have noticed that I didn’t select all the available options. Why? Watch and learn!
Basically, we persuade Mosely to take a photo with Gabriel “for the book”, so he calls in Franks who doubles as the department photographer. After the first shot, we need to tell Mosely that Gabriel wants to check his hair, leave his office and photocopy the file while he and Franks are in there…despite the fact that Desk Sergeant Frick is out there. He gives zero fucks while we do this.

Gabriel Knight: Magnificent Bastard. Well, that’s all we need from here for now, so where to next? Well, I suppose that Gabriel should actually do some research on Voodoo, so let’s go check out the Voodoo Museum. (Incidentally, can any N’awlins goons say if there actually is a Voodoo museum there? Because that would be awesome. )

So here we are, and it’s small, but pretty cool I’d say. That thing by the column in the middle is listed as a “Wishing Stump – Rub it and Make a Wish!”

“Funny, I say the same thing to women.”

And yes, using the Operate command will make Gabriel make a wish.

“I wish Malia Gedde was permanently grafted to my thighs.”

Just in case you forgot exactly how rapey Tim Curry can sound. Trying to talk to the woman behind the counter results in nothing, but she does tell Gabriel that the owner, Dr. John, will be back the next day. Well, one more place to visit I suppose, the “Dixieland Drug Store”.

Dixieland Drug Store

Yeah, this isn’t the place to go when you need your migraine medication refilled. The sign on the counter advertises “Special St. John’s Eve lagniappe. Free bottle of ‘Lover Come Back to Me Oil’ or ‘Master Gamblin’ Oil’ with every purchase over $50.00”
“Lagniappe. My French is lousy, but everyone in New Orleans knows what that means. ‘A little something extra.”

History time! Lagniappe (LAN-yap), while being a word that is mostly used in the New Orleans area and Louisiana, and sounding kind of French in pronunciation, is actually adapted from a South American Spanish phrase “la yapa”, which refers to a free extra item. Mark Twain himself loved the word and called it “a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get”. So don’t say you don’t ever learn anything in the Let’s Play forum!

Anyway, the owner introduces himself as Willy Walker, and he’s kind of an enigma in the game as we’ll find out. He seems to know things, but as far as I have been able to tell, he’s not actually involved in the murders themselves. Although, over the course of an interrogation sequence, when questioned about the Voodoo Murders, he lets slip an odd phrase: “cabrit sans cor’”, and then pretends he never mentioned it. Very mysterious, and yes, we will find out later what that means. Don’t look it up, otherwise it’ll ruin the mystery. At any rate, time to return to the book store.

Asking Grace about Schattenjäger, St. John’s Eve and cabrit sans cor’ gives us nothing, and that’s the only new topics we have for Grace, and she has no messages for us. However, we can request some research from her.

“Could you see what you can find out about a woman named Malia Gedde?”
“Hmmm. The name Gedde sounds familiar. What’s your interest in her?”
“Oh, just, you know, stuff about the Voodoo Murders. If you can get an address…”
“Mmmmm-Hmmmm. The murders. Right. I’ll see what I can find out.”

And with that, Gabriel’s day comes to a close, and he has the same nightmare again. What horrors will follow? Tune in tomorrow, same Gabriel-Time, Same Gabriel-Channel!