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Part 37: Beast Within 16: Raiders of the Lost Opera!

Part Sixteen: Raiders of the Lost Opera!
Okay, so it’s pretty fucking clear now we need to track down this Wagner opera. But I’m stuck….so I had to check the walkthrough. Sorry folks, I missed some stuff at the Ludwig Museum.

Ludwig’s personal notes, huh?

Ok, dude was nuttier’n a fruitcake.

Uh huh. And we also missed one particular letter regarding Ludwig’s cousin to a Bishop regarding his last wishes:

Grace angrily mutters about wanting to know what those last wishes were, and that’s pretty much all she wrote for the Ludwig museum. And again I get stuck. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck. Ok, well the next big clue I feel like a fucking jackass for missing. That Ludwig biography Grace is packing around?

The author’s the guy who got access to Ludwig’s diaries. So I guess we need to call the publisher now.

(Notice that Grace is reading the number from like halfway through the book. ) Well it turns out that Chapel’s dead, but he’s got a son, and the publisher gives Grace his number. Ok, next call!

Turns out that Chaphill made an English translation, but the son won’t release it. Well shit. And AGAIN I can’t figure out my next move. Fuck this chapter! I hang my head in shame. So get this:

We have to find these lillies next to the church in Rittersberg, the priest comes by and gives one to Grace. We THEN have to go back to Ludwig’s cross, and set the lily in the water.

Grace gives a weird mental prayer for more information and…

GAHHH! Well, back to Schloss Ritter I suppose. On a hunch, I talk to Gerde.

Who is still upsettingly pleasant now. I kinda preferred the cattiness between them. However, Gerde has an idea on how to get a research permit: Write Ubergrau.

Well, Grace writes to Gabriel and includes a note for Harry about getting a research permit so she can get her hands on the diaries. And after mailing the letter…

It turns out that Chaphill had a change of heart and faxed the entire translation to Grace. I dunno, I smell a rat in this.

So I’ll spare you all the reading via screenshots, because I recorded the whole thing. Basically it seems that after he contracted lycanthropy, Ludwig was at a Wagner concert and something about the music almost triggered his change, so he spoke privately to Wagner about the problem. Wagner somehow devised a cure for lycanthropy involving the lost opera and a series of crystals…however, Wagner died before they could actually do it. So seeing as that the diaries make it pretty clear that there *was* a lost opera, and Grace *did* promise the cute German guy at the Wagner museum to speak to him if she found evidence, I suppose we better go there.

Ol’ Georg is fucking stunned that Grace got her hands on the diaries.

He produces a diary of…well, it’s not Wagner, it’s either a close relative or servant, he doesn’t say which. At any rate it coincides perfectly with Ludwig’s.

The main point is that on his deathbe-er, deathcouch, Wagner made whoever wrote the diary send a package to the King, which doubtlessly contains the fabled opera.

And the chapter comes to a close.

NEXT TIME: Gabriel’s Hunting Trip! (I presume.)