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Part 20: Sins of the Fathers 20: THE DEAD RISE!


“But why did he go to Africa, Gerde? No, it’s okay. I’m just a little…anxious. No, they haven’t. I just need to talk to Gabriel.”


And so did Gabriel ship his Great Uncle Wolfgang’s corpse back to Germany (I would’ve loved to be at the autopsy. ‘Well, he, uh, ripped his own heart out in order to defeat a Voodoo spirit that’s been leading a series of murders in New Orleans.’) And of course, we still have no fucking clue where the Hounfour is.

Well, first thing’s first, back to St. George’s.

“Grace, I’m home! Grace? Oh, no! Grace!”
So the only obvious clue to what happened is a note on the desk so let’s read that…it’s from Malia.

“Gabriel: I hope you survive long enough to get this. Tetelo knows you have the Talisman. Your life is worth nothing, my love. I fight to save you, but she controls things far more than I! She has taken Grace. Return the talisman, and leave New Orleans forever. If you don’t, I can’t help you. PLEASE. I can’t bear to see you die. Please believe me…I love you. Malia.”

Aww, ain’t that sweet. But if Gabriel left town, what guarantee would he have that Tetelo would spare Grace, huh? HUH?! Anyway, a noise from his office startles Gabriel.

“Who..who’s there? I have the Talisman!”
“Yeah? Good for you, I’ve got a headache.”
“You! Don’t come near me! You’re dead!”
“Huh? Oh! Hah! That was you at the tomb? You shoulda said something!”
“…You mean you weren’t dead, you son-of-a-bitch??”
“Do I look dead? No, don’t answer that. I was searching the tomb, and when I heard someone coming, I broke the light and got in the drawer. Sorry I brained you, but I thought you were one of them.”
“Christ! You about killed me!”
“I said I was sorry. Besides, I owed you one for stealing my badge. If it makes you feel any better, I lost my wallet that day.”
”Your wallet. Ohhh. Iguessyou’reright. We are even.”
“Like I said. Anyway, we shouldn’t stand out here and gab; someone on the street might see us. Let’s go in back and talk.”

Once back in Gabriel’s office, Mosely lets Gabe know that his investigation has pretty much confirmed that the Cult is the Southern Illuminati: People are either scared shitless of it, or don’t know it exists. He also confirms Malia’s note, that the cult has Grace.
“Let’s make a plan. What do you think we should do?”
“We need to find the headquarters of the Gedde cartel, rescue Grace, and dig up some concrete evidence so that I can take this straight to the FBI.”
“Sounds easy.”
“Uh-huh. Do you have any idea where their headquarters might be?”



“Well, you do seem to have a knack for sniffin’ out this Voodoo stuff. Why don’t you see if you can locate it for sure? Meanwhile, I’ve got some things I’ve got to do. I’ll meet you there later.”
“…How will you find it?”
“Damn! That’s right! If only I had the tracker from my office!”
“I have it.”
“Really? Good goin’! You give it to me and leave a signal device at the entrance to the headquarters.”
“All right.”

Well, that being done, let’s check the news.

“There’s a schoolteacher somewhere who’s damned confused.”

Yeah, no kidding. So, where to go, where to go…And I just noticed that Gabriel’s dad’s painting is back. Looking at it, Gabriel comments that Grace must’ve bought it back herself. What a gal. Anyway, let’s try talking to Willy at the Drug Store, he seems to know a little too much about what the fuck is going on, anyway.

Shit. Um. Okay, fuck it, let’s go rattle Dr. John’s cage.

Assbite! Hrm. Magentia?

WHORE! Madame Cazanoux? Hey, it worked!...except the old bat isn’t home. God. Damn. It. Maybe Malia’s butler has some information to impart?

DONKEY-FUCK! Ok, what about Grandma? We haven’t talked to her in awhile, maybe she has some information??

Ok, that was probably a good idea. Jesus fuck, let’s just go to the park, maybe the drummers are tapping out something.



Ok, confession time: I had no fucking clue what the big clue to the location of the Hounfour is. I ended up looking up a walkthrough…which doesn’t say how you figure this out, it just tells you where it is. Big hint: there's another circle-within-a-circle involved. And you actually do get a look at it before Gabriel arrives at the bookstore for the final day. Also, we've been there a bunch.

Yeah, I don’t think this game went over well in certain N’awlins circles. Anyway, we need to enter the farthest confessional.

See that thing on the upper right of the wall? It’s a hole. So, naturally, Gabriel jams that snake staff into it. And it turns out that the confessional is an elevator. So we put the tracker under the little bench, and actually we better leave the staff for Mosely too, I mean, I doubt he’s got one of his own.

NEXT TIME: The End of GK1!!!