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Part 25: Beast Within 4: A Walking Tour of Munich

Part Four: A Walking Tour of Munich

Right so where were we?

“…Have you ever heard of the Language of Death?”

FUCK YOU. Right. Now, what to do, what to do….Well, there’s one more highlighted section on the mapscreen…Marienplatz, so let’s go there because why not?

Music here’s a bit jaunty. Gabriel looks around a bit…

Focusses on this statue for no reason I can discern, but I’m gonna go on a limb and say it’ll be significant later, and our viewpoint changes.

So we can click the building immediately behind Gabriel…

“Looks like this isn’t the first time there’s been a shadow over Munich.”
…Am I really going to have to make an Olympic bombing joke here? Fuck it, moving on. There’s a shop at the end of the street…and the screen actually scrolls to follow Gabriel and extend our field of vision. Holy fucking shit, this is goddamned amazing for a Sierra adventure game!!! I mean, yeah, it’s nothing we’ve never seen before in a proper side-scroller, but, my GOD, it’s a breath of fresh air to see it in here!

So the shop sells cuckoo clocks, but Gabriel doesn’t want to go inside. Let’s have a look at our brand new viewpoint!

Hmm, another shop…

“Swiss and German watches. I’ve already got a watch, thank you.”

Exit? Exit where??

Ok, we’re back at the plaza. Hmm, So I can click the statue thing, whatever it is…

“She almost seems to be watching me.”

Thanks for the insight. And to the right of the statue?

“That must be the famous Munich Glockenspiel.”

HISTORY TIME!!! Yes, this is a real landmark in Munich. The Rathaus-Glockenspiel is a clock that chimes every day at 11AM, drawing tourists and crowds of locals. There are 43 bells and 32 figures involved in telling two stories. The upper level tells the story of the marriage of Duke Wilhelm V, while the bottom level is about the Schäfflertanz, or Cooper’s Dance, which was a dance in the 16th Century to drive away plague that is ritually re-enacted every 7 years (Next one’s in 2019, if you’re interested.)

So moving further past the gate leading to the Glockenspiel…

We have this guy tooling on his guitar playing “When The Saints Go Marching In”. I didn’t mention this during GK1, but WTSGMI is kind of an easter egg in the series. You can hear it in the park in GK1, and well, here it is here. What an American Gospel standard is doing in fucking Germany though, I have no idea. Although it is based on the Book of Revelation, so take that as you will. We can check the fountain in the back…

Nothing to click though. Moving on..

And Dienerstrabe to you too, sign! Hmm, there’s a door about half-way down the road we can click…

Gabriel wants us to mail something, so we take the letter out of our inventory and click on the door with it.

Gabriel walks in, we fade to black, and he walks out again. CAN YOU WITHSTAND THE PULSE POUNDING HORRORS OF THE BEAST WITHIN?!

Further up the road (This isn’t a game, this is a walking tour of Germany, isn’t it??), we can click on that building about halfway up the street on the right. But Gabriel comments “Just more buildings down this way.” And refuses to go further.

So we go back to the subway, and having no other bright ideas, I go back to the Huber farm. Where I get stuck because I have no idea where to go next. So going through our inventory, I realize that the lawfirm of Ubergrau, Hoffen, and Schell is back in Marienplatz, so maybe we should go back there.

And clicking in the opposite direction from where we went last time lands us at the German deli. Well, can we talk to this old broad?

We can, and she offers us some Weisswurst, which Gabriel declines. I have no idea what Weisswurst tastes like. Next to the deli is a building directory…

So we came to the right place.

Doogie Hauser, Attorney at Law. Actually, this is Ubergrau, and Gabriel is actually taken aback by his age, and in his own words was “expecting Matlock”. Or Mattloch I suppose. Well, I’m falling asleep at the computer, so that should tide everyone over for now.

Next time: I figure out where I’m going next, hopefully. No hints yet though, I’m keen to guess.