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Part 26: Beast Within 5: Lawyer Fanboys and Vorta

Part Five: Lawyer Fanboys and Vorta

So, last time we arrived at the offices of Herr Ubergrau, the Ritter/Knight family lawyer…or more specifically, we’re meeting the grandson/junior partner of Herr Ubergrau. Interrogation lets us ask him a few things which play to Gabriel’s favor. First of all, as he speaks fluent English, anything we need translated, he freely offers to take care of. Also, he’s actually a fan of Gabriel’s books, and wants to help out any investigation Gabriel begins. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our Mosely! That done, hmm, I wonder if the desk clerk at Prinzregentenplatz will be more accommodating now?

“No point in going back there at the moment, I can’t even try to talk my way in.”

Okaaaay, maybe I have to go back to Lochham now?

Actually, it turns out there is more to explore at the Huber farm! So we can go down the path, or check out that log. Well, better do everything here first, right?

Actually, it’s a trough. Ok, we can go behind it for something…

“These woods go back a ways. Plenty of space to hide.”

So, I wonder that seeing as my next obvious thing to do is attempt to explore the woods, shouldn’t I try to put on the Schattenjager Talisman?? Actually, the game refuses to let me use it on Gabriel. Dude, seriously? The nice folks here called you up to investigate possible werewolves, the least you could do is wear your badge of office while doing it.

Well, trying to enter the woods has Gabe kneel down and find…

Oh please tell me that’s not the little girl’s hair. Well, Gabriel seems to think otherwise, that it’s fur from the wolves, and pockets it.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one reading that as FURM HAIR. Well, there’s only one person we’ve met who might be able to tell us about it, let’s go back to visit Herr Doktor Klingmann…despite the fact that he’s obviously evil and involved somehow, of course.

Actually, Gabriel shows some sense here and tells us that he thinks Klingmann is too involved. Holy shit, actual logic and realization that the obviously evil doctor is obviously evil. Where was this when Haitian Worf was jerking us around??? Okay, next logical step I suppose is to ask Ubergrau about it?

I didn’t notice his secretary before….damn. Just showing him the hair has Gabriel comment that Ubergrau may know someone to take it to.

Success! Ubergrau has contacts at the university via Herr Doktor Spiegel apparently.

And here’s something weird, every time Gabriel leaves the office, Ubergrau adjusts that little globe thing on his desk. Yes, yes, I know it’s just recycled animation, but it sticks out to me. I think we better be careful trusting Ubergrau too much.

WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION!!! To the University!

This guy looks weirdly familiar to me. Let’s see, he says his name is Michael….check IMDB here….

Holy shit. (Oh, if you don’t recognize him, he’s a character from a couple episodes of Star Trek DS9.) Anyway, he takes a look under a microscope…

He says it’s not human, but is pretty sure it’s canine…then double checks it and decides it’s wolf hair…but he’s not sure, he thinks it might be a “mix-up”.

“A mix-up…? Oh, you mean a hybrid?”

“Hy-brid….oh you mean when a wolf and a dog…”

So that just happened. So he says it could be a wolf/dog, 2 different wolf species, a wolf and something else…but he can’t pin it down any further. Well, that done, anything else at the Huber Farm? Well, yes, it’s time for cement apparently! And I only know this because I had to peek at a walkthrough.

That darker patch I’m pointing at right now? Yeah, I missed that earlier. Further investigation reveals….

A pawprint as big as Gabriel’s hand. Damn, that’s a big dog. To the cement!

So Gabriel whips up a quick batch, and we take it back to the print.

And how quick drying is it? About a minute. Wait, what? Is there actually cement out there that cures that fast, because every time I’ve ever helped my father use it, it takes about 24 hours to fully set.

Anyway, Gabriel takes the bucket back and cleans it out like a good guest, and that done, we can get our print back.

Huzzah! Well, seems like a good place for now because NEXT TIME, we have to do something that I had no clue about until I checked the aforementioned walkthrough. And really, there’s probably no way I could’ve figured this upcoming part out on my own.