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Part 15: Sins of the Fathers 15: St. John's Eve Party

Part Fifteen: St. John's Eve Party

Ok, now that Doctor John is unwittingly delivering our tracker, it’s time to return to St. George’s. Once there, we need to make an…unusual…request to Grace by showing her the drawing Gabriel made of Crash’s tattoo.

“Will you do me a favor?”
“Use your paints to copy this snake tattoo onto my chest.”
“Now, why on Earth would you want me to do that?”
“…I’m going to a party tonight. Costume, you know.”
“You don’t say? I guess you’re going with Malia.”
“Uh…yeah. That’s right.”
“And why should I help you when I don’t even like Malia?”
“We-e-l-l, if you’re jealous about my feelings for her…”
“You KNOW that’s not it. I just think, as your friend, that she’s trouble.”
“It’s perfectly understandable. I know that you have certain feelings for me, quite naturally.”
“ME? I would rather be hung by my hair over a bed of scorpions.”
“I know it must be hard having it in your face like this. No chance to avoid hearing about it, seeing it day by day…”
“FINE! I’ll DO it! Just SHUT UP! Can we at least go in the back?”
“Sure, but…could you say that one more time…and pout your lips more?”

These two might just be my favorite non-romantically involved pairing of all time. If the future games fuck this up, I will be very upset. Anyway, Grace paints the snake on.

“Hold still!”
“Maybe you’d like to tie me up?”
“One more remark, and I’m leaving.”
“Okay, okay.”
“Done. It’s just stunning.”
“Sorry I couldn’t make it last longer.”
“Well, it was about what I expected from you.”

*snort* Okay, so that being done, it’s time to hit the Bayou St. John.

It’s about what you’d expect. So we break out the tracking equipment.

Pretty basic, you walk in the general direction of the blip on the tracker. Easy.

Er. Kinda.

But eventually, success! Before we can approach the party already in progress, Gabriel has to get changed. We put on our croc mask we bought earlier.

You said it, Gabe. So, what does an evil Voodoo cult’s ritual celebration look like? Let’s just say, It’s about what you’d expect. Once there, Gabriel is confronted by Dr. John (inexplicably clad in a purple thong. Now imagine Worf wearing it. Enjoy that mental image.)

“Welcome Brother Crocodile. Please join the other celebrants.”
“Yes, Dr. Joh-er, Brother Eagle.”
“But first…Name the great serpent who crushes all in his coils.”
“You are correct, Brother Crocodile. Who is the destroyer of men?”
“Ogoun Badagris.”
“You are correct, Brother Crocodile. Enjoy yourself WELL tonight (*evil chuckle*).”

This entire segment has been recorded for your viewing pleasure, but to sum up: The celebrants begin dancing, as a woman in a leopard mask with a snake wrapped around her breasts enters the circle. The crowd begins chanting “TETELO!”, and Dr. John blows some powder into Gabriel’s face through the mouth of the mask. Unable to stop himself, Gabriel takes off the mask and approaches the leopard woman…

And yeah, you all knew this was coming, it’s Malia underneath. In a very different voice, she shouts:

“I know you now! I can smell his blood in your veins!”

Before attempting to stab Gabriel. He manages to get away, but falls and hits his head. A mysterious hand reaches out to him, and then…

“Gabriel! Gabriel, wake up!”
“Oww! My head!”
“It’s about time! I’ve been trying to wake you up for hours! There’s no time to lose!”
“I had another dream.”
“It wasn’t a dream, believe me. Now come on, get dressed.”
“Waitaminute! I’m starting to remember…something about Malia…”
“She’s the head priestess of the Voodoo cartel. They’re responsible for the murders, they’ve been doing it for years.”
“Malia? Last night…she was the leopard! Like in my dreams, Grace!”
“I know, those dreams were a warning. Now come on, get dressed.”
“But last night, Malia changed. She became…someone, something else. And then I blacked out, I think….how did I get home?”
“I followed you last night. I had my doubts about the Geddes. Did you know that they arrived in New Orleans in 1800? Just in time for the Voodoo influx. I knew you were going to try to sneak into a ceremony last night, so I followed you. Lucky for you that I did. If you’d been left at that circle last night, I don’t know WHAT she would have done to you.”
“You’re wrong. Malia wouldn’t hurt me.”
“What about Tetelo?”
“Tetelo! They were chanting that last night. That’s the name from Gunter’s journal…the woman who took his talisman!”
“Yes. Gabriel, it’s your destiny that you’re facing. You can’t just blunder your way through this, or you’ll end up dead. Tetelo will be after you now. You HAVE to call your Great Uncle in Germany.”
“Uncle Wolfgang?”
“Yes. He knows more about this than we do.”
“Okay, I’ll call him. But Malia isn’t responsible for those things, Grace. It’s that spirit…that..Loa. It’s Tetelo.”
“Yeah, possession is convenient that way. Call Wolfgang, Gabriel. I’ll be in the shop.”

Sounds like a good place to call it this one a wrap. Next Time: GABRIEL CALLS LONG DISTANCE!