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Part 18: Sins of the Fathers 18: And It's All Thanks to Our Local Library!

Part Eighteen: And It's All Thanks to Our Local Library!

So last time Gabriel officially joined the ranks of the Schattenjagers and obtained a large brass key. Well, there’s only one locked room in the castle...

Welcome to Wolfgang’s library. And boy oh boy is this section a pain in the ass. Pretty much each shelf contains a different topic, and we have to follow a chain in order to track down where Wolfgang went. So first we have to look through the shelves until we find this:

Ok, so we take the book and read:

”People’s Republic of Benin” posted:

The People’s Republic of Benin is an area of rich and diverse cultures and a proud heritage. Before slaving devastated many tribes, this area was populated by some of the oddest, fiercest, and most powerful tribes in tribal Africa: the Fons, the Dahomeys, and the terrible Agris. The book ‘The Primal Ones’ by John Roots provides insight into these fascinating cultures.

Needless to say, our next target is that book, so back to looking through the shelves for it.

”The Primal Ones” posted:

…In contrast with the peaceful, nomadic tribes of Northern Africa, certain tribes of the Southwest were vicious and xenophobic. This part of Africa is called the Red Basin area because of the vast amount of bloodshed that’s occurred there over the centuries. In this one area of Africa existed, in a perpetual state of war and raiding, some of the most powerful and efficient fighters the world has ever seen. Why did this region inspire such violent behavior? To understand, one must look further back. See ‘Ancient Roots of Africa’ by Earl E. Days.
Oh god…the puns….it’s like being trapped in a world run by Carmen Sandiego….

”Ancient Roots of Africa” posted:

The ferocity of the tribes in the Red Basin region is traceable to their predecessors. In Egyptian time, 4000-2000 BC, this region was ruled by powerful sun worshippers. We know a little about this mysterious cult by the remnants of ruins far older and of a culture far more advanced than any that exists in Africa today. See ‘Sun Worshippers’ by A. Curate.


”Sun Worshippers” posted:

One of the earliest religious practices was that of sun worship. The most powerful cults of sun worshippers lived on the continent of Africa. The African sun god was violent and terrible, and so became his worshippers. They practiced a particularly bloody form of ritual sacrifice. The homeland of this ancient cult is still considered a sacred site of power. See ‘Ancient Digs of Africa’ by Professor Seymore Shards.

Ok, the puns are starting to physically hurt now. And pray tell, which African sun god would you be referring to? Awondo? Nyambi? Atenn? Ra?

Stop that.

”Ancient Digs of Africa” posted:

The most fascinating archaeological site in Africa is the Great Snake Mound in the People’s Republic of Benin, located 50 miles south of the capital, in the Red Basin.

Oh yeah, the Pyramids, the Valley of the Kings, the Sphinx, those are all yesterday’s news. Idiot.

”Ancient Digs of Africa” posted:

Like the snake mounds of North America, the origin and meaning of these great mounds remains a mystery, though clearly, they were the result of profound and urgent spiritual belief. Unlike other snake mounds, the African example is a double snake mound; a small snake ring within a larger snake ring. The mound is thought to have housed an ancient temple. Although archaeologists explored the mound site, the interior remains largely unchanged from ancient times. This is partially due to stringent Government regulations, and partially to local superstition. The local people regard the mound with fear, and won’t go near it.

“A double snake ring???”

So Gabriel flips through the book and sees…

If you forgot, a “wheel-within-a-wheel” is one of the images present in his recurring nightmare. I don’t really see the snake aspect, myself though. Anywho, Gabriel pockets the book, and we can also look at a book about the Ritters.

“I’m not sure I’m really interested in knowing about some of my ancestors.”

And we can also look at the occult section…

Spoiler: Next game’s about werewolves.

Now that we’ve amused ourselves, time to talk to Gerde again.

“Gut’ Morgen, Herr Knight! I am cooking your Fruhstuck – a good German breakfast! Please, feel at home.”

I thought your job was cooking Wolfgang’s Fruhstuck? We show her the book.

“I found this book in the library. I think it might tell us where Wolfgang went.”
“Africa? You think Wolfgang went to Africa?”
“I know he did.”
“Then I shall make you a plane trip right now, Ja?”
“Well, I guess so.”
“Good! Good! My poor Wolfgang! You have money for the plane, Ja?”
“…I know! We can use this credit card!”

…We thank you for flying Air Mosely.

Next time, we meet Wolfgang in the flesh! Also, we get what this Voodoo-themed story has been sorely lacking!