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Part 28: Beast Within 7: Visiting Rittersberg!

Part Seven: Visiting Rittersberg!

Ok, sorry about the delay, we’re pretty much going on a twice-weekly update for now, my sincerest apologies. But things are going to get fun I’m sure because now we get to play as Grace!

This bedroom looks nothing like the one from GK1. So before we could see that there was an armoire…

But it’s empty. Hrm. Okay, let’s check out the Schattenjager library then.

Locked. Oh right, we have to have a trippy as fuck nightmare, then we can get in. Downstairs we go then.

THIS IS NOT A CASTLE. Ok, yes, the German “schloss” essentially means “manor house”, BUT it’s referred to as a castle repeatedly in the first game, and if you GIS “schloss”, you see fucking castles. Ok, time for some more bitchiness with Gerde I guess!

And you know what? Repeatedly Gerde refers to the house as a fucking castle! GAHHHH, MY IMMERSION IS RUINED!!! Okay, so anyway, Grace tries to interrogate Gerde about the case Gabriel’s working on, but Gerde won’t tell Grace shit about it, saying it’s none of her business.

Grace is far from impressed. She asks about the Schattenjager library, and Gerde refuses her entrance because Grace is not a Schattenjager…although Gerde admits that she herself has been in there doing research for Gabe. Ok, lady, just because you were fucking his uncle, that doesn’t make you queen of the manor house. But she does let slip that Gabriel’s near Munich.

So seeing as Gerde’s vagina is full of sand, we might as well look around the area.

Okay, we can explore Rittersberg on foot. So this is a wholly new area for us! Well, might as well check out the local church.

Nice door. What’s the poster next to it?

“Saint Georg Church.”

Grace, honey, you can say George. Try it.

Inside we pop up next to this guy. Wonder what he has to contribute. Well, we may never know because he only speaks German.

Deeper within the main cathedral we can only go deeper. If there’s a fucking high-tech werewolf chapel underneath, I quit.

Wow, that was a quick trip to the catacombs.

It gets better, they’re all Schattenjagers apparently. We just walked into the Ritter Family Tomb.

Yeah they’re all kinda creepy, but there’s an old friend here we should visit.

Heya you crazy old bastard. We can explore it more closely…

“It’s a silver heart. Someone must’ve left it as a mourning gift.”

Well, seeing as Wolfgang left his in Africa HEY-OHHHHHH!!! I’m sorry, that was inappropriate. Well, what else can we do in Rittersberg.

Clear as mud. Door on the left.

Well, it’s the town hall, which I guess you call a “Rathaus” in German. I have no comment. The nice fellow there gives a few details on the town, and that’s all. Next door!

“So this is where I’ve been sending Gabriel’s fan mail.”

We can meet the postlady, but we have no letters to send. Last door!

Hey, it’s Werner! Hi Werner!

So Grace decides to hit the old fellow up for information. He speaks fondly of Uncle Wolfgang, and all but confirms what we all suspected about him and Gerde. And although he refuses to say specifically where Gabriel is, he does tell Grace that the case involves Werewolves.

Grace has a hard time accepting that, despite seeing a case of demonic possession not so long ago that ended in massive fire pits opening under NOLA. Werner also says that there was another Werewolf in Rittersberg during the 1700’s. So back to Schloss Ritter I guess.

Nothing new here as Grace refuses to punch the bitch out and steal the key from her, so I’m gonna call it here.