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Part 46: Bonus Update - Ways to Die.

Bonus update - ways to die.

I kinda wanted to just link a video for this one... but apparently no one made a death compilation for GK2?

Here's the one I ever so expertly crafted.

Your first chance to die happens rather late into the chapter - in the actors room. Dawdle long enough, or try to exit after the intermission starts will have the actor blunder in and shout an overacted "hilfe!"

Which leads to this, for some reason.

Trying to sneak up on the actor without smudging the mirror will lead to Gabe belatedly realizing this is a poor idea after he is spotted.

Just adorable.

Trying to subdue the actor without duct tape will lead to another call for help. At least the "try again" button deposits us right outside the room.

Von Glower first tries to move for the open grate. If we don't block his path within a minute or so, Gabe will automatically smell his escape, and Leber will be along to shoot him within seconds.

Cornering Von Glower results in a fight sequence that could only be equaled by a five year old smashing two wolf puppets together, while making doggie noises. Gabe gets the worst of the exchange.

You can jump Von Glower or Leber for essentially the same shooting sequence.

Grace can also try to wrestler Leber's gun away, which doesn't work out that well. I think Leber has like half a dozen different takes on the same "glance around the room for any additional wolves hiding in the corner, then point your gun at the wolf corpse" sequence.

Last but not least - your main repeated cause of death is probably going to involve missing your leap against Von Glower (you have to jump him the moment he jumps, not before or after). Gabe... presumably throws himself into the furnace? Nasty.

Well, that was Gabriel Knight 2, the Beast Within. Thanks to Ensign Ricky for LPing it so far, and hope you've enjoyed it.