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Part 36: Beast Within 15: See the Loveli Lakes

Part Fifteen: See the Loveli Lakes

Ok, I seem to have at least temporarily fixed the overheating issue and we can try to press on. I’m hoping to have a new laptop in the next couple weeks so we can avoid these delays….especially since I’m planning a VLP after we finish the Gabriel Knight Saga. More on that another time. Let’s start!

First of all, you were right, whitehelm. Don’t know how I missed this area. Let’s check it out.

Sounds interesting, let’s check this shit out.

So, he was completely cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs? Good to know.

I have no idea.


I am completely lost now, and so is Grace, because she’s complaining that she needs to see more of the diary.

Next up, we’ve got more evidence of Ludwig’s creepy fanboyism. Dude needed to get laid.


Okay. Good to know.

Nice painting.

Okay, who wants to take bets that the Knights of St. George just happen to be affiliated with the Schattenjagers? Grace agrees, saying there has to be some sort of connection. Against the other wall…

Grace states she has to see the diary. No, honey, don’t break into the royal archives…Anyway, talking to the Museum Troll points Grace towards a Wagner museum we can check out, but if ask to see Ludwig’s diary, the lady flips right the fuck out. Ok, chill out crazy lady, we’ll go check out some Wagner.

According to the curator, Georg, the museum is typically closed this time of year, but after expressing some frustration, he consents to allowing Grace to looking around a few areas.

Nice looking joint. Piano first I guess.

Ssseven days….. Ahem, let’s take a look at those busts.

Huh, so he was a neckbeard. Go figure. I’m going to skip some of the stuff that doesn’t seem important, until we reach…

Of course there’s a Ludwig room. Complete with some of his letters.

Interesting…well, maybe Georg has something to contribute? Oh yes. Kind of. He’s not a great font of information, but he does state that a)The figures mentioned in the Wagner->Ludwig letter probably have to do with Neuschwanstein, and b)If there is a Lost Opera by Wagner, it may have something to do with the Wolf Panels at same. Also, Georg has a suspicious brother who I suspect may be Von Zell, and Grace flirts with him a bit.

But we still don’t know enough about Neuschwanstein to figure out the puzzles. Luckily, a return to Schloss Ritter has Grace and Gerde being positively chummy, and Gerde says that Grace’s professor called.

He forks over the name and number for a local expert.

Shall we call him?

He tells Grace that he has something to show her, and she asks about the Black Wolf. He says he knows nothing about it, but will look into it before they meet.

Turns out Mr. Dallmier wanted to show her where the corpse of Ludwig was found. Moving on, he flat out says there’s virtually no chance of seeing Ludwig’s diary, except a biographer named Richmond Chapel, who had friends in high places.

Dallmier gives some more history, saying that Ludwig was manipulated by Chancellor Bismarck into having Bavaria join the rest of Germany/Prussia. Also, those midnight sleigh rides would involve Ludwig sometimes stopping, ordering the servants to say put, and go wandering off for hours.

And we finally get an ID on the Black Wolf: Paul Goedden (Not sure of the spelling, but I’m pretty sure that’s it). He came from another country, but claimed German ancestry and allied himself with Bismarck…who gave Goedden a royal title and lands in 1863. Goedden then promptly changed his name, meaning all record of him disappeared.

GEE I WONDER WHO HE COULD BE?!?!? At any rate, Dallmier tells Grace that there would be a ton of red tape to go through to find out Goedden’s new name. And then we get details on Ludwig’s hunting accident: HE WAS BITTEN BY A WOLF.

NEXT TIME: Raiders of the Lost Opera!