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Part 32: Beast Within 11: I Have Come Here to Drink Heineken and Kick Ass. And You’re All Out of Heineken.

Part 11: I Have Come Here to Drink Heineken and Kick Ass. And You’re All Out of Heineken.

Ok, so I had to check why I couldn’t open the damn package, and it turns out Gabriel is supposed to open it in front of Harry. Also, you're supposed to use the magnifying glass icon to do it instead of clicking it on Gabriel. Go figure.

Gabriel is pissed that Grace is in Germany, I can only assume it’s because he holds himself responsible for her kidnapping by the Gedde cult, but Not-Tim Curry doesn’t do the best job of making that clear. At any rate we can ask Harry about Ludwig and The Black Wolf now. Harry gives Gabriel the location of a couple of Ludwig’s castles, and Gabriel seems to think sending Grace to them is a great idea…mostly because the closest one is a 2 and a half hour drive from Munich. Unfortunately, Harry knows nothing of The Black Wolf.

On a hunch, we go back to der Kommissar, and ask him about these new items. Well, actually we can’t ask about Ludwig, but we can ask about The Black Wolf.

And instead of shouting at us, Leber gets kinda disturbed. He runs over to his files and pulls out a hefty one. In 1989, a teenaged girl disappeared near the Bavarian National Forest. An old lady who lived near the woods said that a huge black wolf got the girl, and seeing as there hadn’t been any wolves in those woods for half a century, Leber dismissed it out of hand.

At that point, Leber asks why Gabriel is looking into things, and Gabriel hints that he’s a sort of PI, that the Hubers contacted via “a friend of a friend”. Leber accepts this, but tells him if he breathes a word to the press and doesn’t keep him up to speed, he’ll seize Gabriel’s passport in an instant.

After which, Gabe decides to send Grace on what he thinks is a wild goose chase regarding Ludwig’s castles. I have a feeling that’s not going to work out the way he wants.
So on the way to mail the letter, I decide to revisit old locations that didn’t work before because, well, that’s how these adventure games work, right? And it turns out the clock store is now available to us!

This kindly old fellow points out a clock right on the counter for Gabriel:

Apparently it functions as an alarm clock, and all for the bargain price of 60 Deutschmarks! Surprisingly, the game lets me spend some of Gabriel’s money and we are now the proud owners of a…woodpecker clock. No, really, it doesn’t cuckoo, it knocks. Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?? At any rate, nothing else new, so we drop off the letter to Grace. Wonder if the creepy werewolf Hunting Club has anything new?

Well, the cops and press have left, so worth a shot.

Xavier says no-one’s there, but he’s welcome to use the club according to his instructions. But I’d rather pump him for info, wouldn’t you? So according to him, the current club was built in 1970 under Baron Von Glower’s “new vision”. A new vision of less than 10 members. Actually, not including Gabriel, there are only 5 members of the Club right now….And the good Herr Doktor Klingmann only joined 2 weeks ago. Just mildly suspicious. Okay, if no-one’s there, time to snoop!

Off-hand, nothing much suspicious here. Well, more suspicious than we already figured. Because these people are obviously werewolves. We can take a closer look at the chairs by the fire…

And we can flip through those magazines…

Except they’re in German. Idiot.

The rest of the room doesn’t yield much, but there is that other door we can use….

Secret exit?

Well, no, it just happens to open on the alley were the body was discovered earlier. Ok, Gabriel, I think we can safely break out the silver bullets and go full-on They Live on this place now.

Just a short update today, gonna get a bigger one next time, promise.